Marco, 11th May 2021

One of the things that I like the most in my adventure with DeutschAkademie is the diversity of classmates that you have in each class. Indeed, there are people from very different backgrounds, ages and cultures. And this is really great. Basically all the world in a single place!

I really enjoy when, at the beginning of each class, we see each other and where we are. We have very brief conversation and we speak about our life, what we do and what we like.

It’s really important when you have new experiences or you put yourself in a new environment, to be surrounded by good vibes and good people. Everything else comes way easier because you build something more than just practicing and learning a new language with someone else.

You build a real connection that can become also friendship and this is really amazing.

I never expected to experience this type of feeling when I started my path with a German course.

I would call it serendipity: when you make desirable discoveries by accident.

DeutschAkademie gives you also this. Not just the right place to learn German language. But the place to learn German language with someone that you call friends. DAS IST BESSER!