„The Uncomfort Zone“

Marco, 30th April 2021

Since August 2019 Germany and Berlin have become my second home: here is where I found my first job and I decided to stay.

The very first weeks in town have been amazing, I was continuously surrounded by a new culture, new people, and a new language.

However, there were situations in which It was really hard to get familiar with: such as in supermarket, in “Bürgeramt” or post office. I was not able to understand anything, and this made me nervous all the time.

For this reason, I needed an academy, a place where I could practice and learn German at my pace, without any fear to make mistakes or not understand. All my colleagues, without any doubt, recommended me DeutschAkademie.

DeutschAkademie IS THE PLACE TO LEARN. Why?

‘Cause DeutschAkademie embraces the “learning by doing” method.

You speak German from the very beginning and, lecture by lecture, you have the possibility to learn new vocabularies, new grammatical rules and enrich the way in which you can structure your sentences.

In this sense, I love those “breakout sessions” in which you are tête-à-tête with another student (or friend!) and you can put in place what you just learned with the teacher.

You have no way out; you MUST speak German and it’s really fun!

But no pressure, you are not in a hurry.

You can “run” at your own pace. This is how I would define DeutschAkademie.