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German courses in Berlin Mitte or online

German intensive course in Berlin Mitte (also online)

Do you want to quickly and effectively learn German? The German intensive course of the DeutschAkademie of Berlin is perfect if you wish […]

Semi-Intensive Course (also Online)

Would you like to give yourself more time to study German? In addition to our regular 4-week courses, we also offer an 8-week course with classes only […]

Grammar course (also online)

Can you already speak German and communicate well in everyday life – but still have problems with grammar? Or do you […]

Conversation course (also online)

Do you already possess a good knowledge of German but have lacked the opportunity to make use of your skills outside your German course […]

Conversation club (also online)

You have been studying German for a while now but you are still afraid of speaking? You know grammar but you are still hesitant to converse in German? You barely have the possibility to use German in interaction? […]

German course plus visa (also online)

If you require a visa to study in German then we recommend our visa course. The visa course is a combination of […]

German private lessons (also online)

Private lessons at your German language school at Alexanderplatz are the perfect choice to quickly and flexibly learn German […]

Exam preparation courses (also online)

We are happy to support you if you are seeking to prove your knowledge of German for your job of for study purposes […]

Company course (also online)

Looking for quality German language teaching for your employees in Berlin? The DeutschAkademie is the right place for you […]

Learn German for free (only online)

Learn German for free for all participants – even if you are not registered at the DeutschAkademie […]

German course dates (also for online courses)

Starting dates of German courses in Berlin Alexanderplatz or of Online-Live-German-Courses […]

Prices (also for online courses)

Price and dates of your German courses in Berlin or Online-Live-German-Courses […]

Registration (also for online courses)

Registration German course in Berlin or online. […]

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Free online german course


Learn German online for free and practice your grammar: Online German Course