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Learning german in Berlin


Hi everyone!

There, you can see me doing my homework.. sometimes it’s not that easy! But the reason is to get better, so I’ll do what I have to do for it. But how did this whole learning-german thing started? Since I have to learn this language better to get a good job here, I immediately started to look for a language school the first day I got here, and I found DeutschAkademie to be the cheapest and – as it seemed -the best oppurtunity in Berlin. So far, it was a great choice!

This day we talked and listened to pre-recorded conversations about different kinds of places to live, and how to find a flat or room to rent here, which was really interesting, because one month earlier we actually did this phone and personal interviews with my girlfriend ourselves! Although, we were only looking for a relatively cheap WG (which stands for Wohn-Gemeinschaft, and means a big flat with 3-4 rooms for each people and a common kitchen and bathroom), with flatmates that we could imagine as friends, and we had big luck that we could find one in only 1 day (with previous weeks of emailing of course). I have some photos of it, if you’d like to get a picture of it:

That’s for today, now back to my homework!