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First day! :)

Guten Tag!

I am Razan, 22 year old girl from Jordan. I came to Germany 4 months ago to do an internship, and as I had many foreign friends back home, I knew that learning the language of a country is very important if you’re planning to live there for a while. I was a bit egoistic and thought, well.. I’ll pick it up :P Indeed, I picked up some phrases, I could say some stuff.. but I couldnt yet speak the language, I couldnt understand it when people talk, and finally realized, my „picking-it-up“ strategy won’t work, I started searching for an intensive course, bearing in mind length of the course, tuition fees, location of the school, quality and quantity of the material being taught, and this is how I decided on Deutsche Akademie.

Today I had the first lesson in my first German course! I arrived a bit late, but it was ok. Our teacher Johanna asked me if I needed anything and answered my questions. My class mates seem like interesting smart people, so hopefully the class will run smoothly, hehe :)

We learnt basic phrases, numbers, letters, how to conjugate verbs, ask and answers questions about name, country, place of living, and other stuff. What I like about the teaching style is that I could remember what we learnt without memorizing, and this is important when it comes to intensive courses, imo.

When class finished, I did some shopping around, bought some gifts for my brother :) There are many shops around the akademie. Actually, that area is the center of west Berlin, so you could find around almost anything you can think of; shops, gyms, malls (Ka De We), restaurants and cafes,.. etc.   Now sitting in a bar writing this and waiting for my bus! Its too cold to wait outside!

Looking forward for tomorrow’s class, will let you know how it goes! :D