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First Steps

Right now, Philip has just landed at the Berlin airport, am Berliner Flughafen. At the airport → am Flughafen. He has just picked up his luggage and now he's looking for the local train station to catch a train into the city. But where is the station, der Bahnhof? Where is the train station → Wo ist der Bahnhof? He needs to ask someone. We'll listen to him asking:

Philip: Entschuldigung, wo ist der Bahnhof?

Philip begins his question with "Entschuldigung". This means "Excuse me".

Try to say it: Entschuldigung

Very good.

Now we'll hear the answer. The lady Philip has asked is pointing him in the right direction.

Dame (Lady): Der Bahnhof ist da hinten.

This means: The station is back there. Der Bahnhof ist da hinten. Ah, back there! Now Philip sees the station, too. He thanks the friendly lady. He says:

Philip: Ah, vielen Dank!

This means: Thank you very much. Vielen Dank.

Repeat after me: Vielen Dank.

The lady replies:

Dame: Kein Problem!

This means: No problem. Kein Problem.

try saying it: Kein Problem

Very good! Sehr gut!

Now we'll hear the entire conversation in one go:


Entschuldigung, wo ist der Bahnhof?


Der Bahnhof ist da hinten.


Ah, vielen Dank!


Kein Problem!


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