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Leisure time activities

organized leisure activities

We regularly offer our students organized leisure time activities after the German course, which our committed teachers also attend.

making friends

You can also make friends after your German course by participating in some of our leisure time activities. You will get to know the country and the people and explore Munich and its surroundings together with other students. Each of our students takes home lots of new and pleasurable impressions from their German course and the excursions.

Have a look at the photos from our excursions!


The „Oktoberfest“

The most legendary folk festival in the world, the Munich „Oktoberfest“, takes place every year. It begins at the end of September and goes on for two weeks. If you plan your German course around this time, you will experience a fantastic atmosphere along with a liter of beer in one of the huge tents, which you will never forget. You will certainly be ordering your beer in German!


The Bavaria Film Studios

Do you want to experience a bit of Hollywood in Munich? Then you should definitely go on a tour of the Bavaria Film Studios, one of the largest and most successful film studios in Europe. You will wander behind the scenes of many famous film classics. As well as visiting the stunt show, our students have the opportunity to shoot a short film in German – Hollywood in Munich – that’s the motto of this excursion.


Beer Gardens

Munich is famous all over the world for its fantastic beer. In the numerous beer gardens you can look forward to traditional food specialties to accompany your beer. You are right in the middle of the great atmosphere of the beer garden, which is simply part of an enjoyable life for a real Bavarian. Our students from the DeutschAkademie in Munich can socialize with lots of new people and make new friends in this relaxed atmosphere.