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Last day at DeutschAkademie

Blog 15 from AlejandraHi everybody! So today was the last day at class with DeutschAkademie. I’m starting to feel a bit nostalgic because it means that I’m going home in two weeks. I am pleased with Germany, with the few friends and people I met here, everybody is really super nice. I don’t know when I’m going to […]

German music

Blog 14 from AlejandraHi people from around the world! Today I want to talk about another thing that I think has made me get better at German and that is: music. In my attempt to immerse myself in everything German I started to listen to music, at first I think subconsciously I listened to music […]

Reading in German

Blog 13 from Alejandra Hallo Leute! So as I said yesterday, I wanted to talk about my experience reading in German. Someone gave me a novel in German. I started reading it and then abandoned it because really it didn’t make any sense, I was barely understanding anything, searching for a word every 5 words that I read. It […]

Improve your German via Instagram

Blog 12 from Alejandra Hello everybody! As I said in the last post, I wanted to share with you some Instagram accounts that I follow that help me get better at my German. The first one is called Lerne Deutsch. The woman is focused more on a beginners level, as she includes a lot of material […]

German particles

Blog 11 from Alejandra Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. Me? I am having a good time in class. Today we learned about the “particles” in the German spoken language. They aren’t used in the written language. It makes the language much more full of meaning, emotion and sentiment. I can’t wait to […]

Telc B2 exam

Blog 9 from Alejandra Today I want to talk about the B2 Test. I will do it in a bit less than a month. I am a bit worried, mostly about the speaking test. I registered for the TELC test and it consists of two big parts, the speaking test and the writing test. In the […]

German cities

Blog 10 from Alejandra Hello everybody! I hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk to you about a couple of German cities. I’ve been touristing a bit and got to know Darmstadt, Mainz and Frankfurt! Funny thing, Darmstadt translated to English means Colon City (Darm = colon and Stadt = city). It is […]

Cinemas in Germany

Blog 7 from Alejandra So I went to the movies. It is the second time I have gone to the movies in Germany. The first time was 3 years ago, and during the film (Mary Poppins) my sister started having pregnancy cramps. 24 hours later, my niece came to the world. On that occasion, we watched […]

Tram ride to the city centre

Blog 7 from Alejandra Hallo! I hope you are doing well. I am writing now during my Tram ride to the city center. It Is such a pleasant ride, I enjoy it so much because the windows are large and you can see all of the stores and places that Munich has to offer. It […]

Children in Germany

Blog 6 from Alejandra Today – a bit about how I’ve seen children growing up here. As I’ve told you, my sister had my two beautiful nieces in Germany. I’ve come to learn that Germany is a great country to raise children, not only because it’s a very safe country, not only because as parents […]