Top 3 Restaurants in Munich

Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany. It has immigrants from all around the world like in every big city. Although Bavarian food is awesome, I have been also impressed by all the different types of cuisines you can find here. I have not been enough time in Munich to be able to try too many restaurants. However, I already know about a few of them that remain in my list of favorites:

  • Cochinchina: Cochinchina is a Vietnamese restaurant. Although it is a little bit expensive, its menu is worth the price. It is a good place to go for a special occasion. The ambiance is elegant and cozy. It is vegan friendly, and it has a broad variety of options on its menu. The service was very good in my experience. It is recommended to book a table ahead of time to avoid long waits since it is a very popular place in the city.

  • Blue Nile: I just discovered the Blue Nile a couple of months ago. The Blue Nile is a restaurant of Ethiopian food -yes, Ethiopian. I had my first experience trying African food in the Blue Nile and I got absolutely obsessed with it. I have been to two different ones in Munich. As far as I am concerned, they are not from the same owner. However, I particularly recommend the one in Siegesstraße 22a. You can make your own dish by selecting several meals and everyone´s dishes come together on a big plate to share in the table. A great option to go with friends!
  • Chopan: Afghani restaurant. It was my first experience trying Afghan food. This has been my most recent discovery. We had to order delivery since the quarantine was already started. The quantity of food was tremendous, but it goes within the price. The food has a lot of condiments, which makes it delicious but heavy to the stomach as well. I totally recommend the vegan plates and ´´The Bolani´´ in the appetizer section. Great pick to try to a new cuisine from the comfortableness of your home.

Blog entry submitted by Eugenia Sanchez