Observing the detail, teil 1.

Oh, guys

I’ve been living in Munchen only for a month and already I could spot some recurring features… here is a condensed resume of my observations so far.

– the windows of the houses: there are no shutters at all! Do you know that wooden external devices that are sooo useful if you come back at 6 am from a party and outside there is a giant halogen lamp called “The Sun” which wants to shine on your face?!? Ok someone could argue: but there are curtains! NOOOT THE SAME!


– men with… EARRINGS. That’s odd… I am currently counting the number of men who wear an earring and are above the (estimated) age of 30. Well at the moment we are getting close to triple digits! I am asking myself, but what is it about? A pandemic fashion which infected Bavaria in the 70’s? Definitely not common to see in Italy!



– Toilets: here I noted a similarity with Netherlands, the water-closet is in a separated room from the shower/bathroom! Why would someone enjoy taking a “bodily relief” (let’s call it like this!) closed up in a broom cupboard-like cubby-hole!? A mistery yet to be unveiled…



– Zeitung distribution: choose a city in Italy you like, imagine you decide to distribute newspapers the way it’s been done here in Munich, by leaving them in open boxes spread around town and by trusting in the good soul of citizens to pay for each copy. I’m telling you, time a week and the Italian press would go bankrupt!