My favourite Cheesecake


The topic of this post is food! Yummy!

Germany has many different traditional food like the Würstchen, the Brezel or the Schnitzel.

I am vegetarian so what I most enjoy are “Kartoffeln” (potatoes) but also the Kasekuchen (cheesecake)! Oh my god, you have no idea how delicious it is -and I am not a person really into sweet food.

My host mum (remember I am an Aupair) cooks the Kasekuchen from time to time -here is a picture of it – and it is so good.

One thing I love about Germany is this kind of bakeries they have (that we do not have in Spain) where you can find every kind of bread and snack.

I embrace you to go out, try new things in the bakeries, coffee shops and restaurants and feel the german soul all over you stomach. Also, Christmas is coming and so many delicious things will be in the Christmas market! – as well as the hot wine :P

See you in the next post,

Chiara 😊