Munich as a great location to live

Hey there once again!

Since I am a love traveller, today I would like to talk about what can you do from Munich.

We are just in the center of Europe, so with a car, a bus or a train you can reach any nice city but also we are so closed to the amazing mountains they have in Germany (and Austria). For example, we have Innsbruck only 1 hour away by train.

Two weeks ago, I was in Vienna and from time to time I go with my hostfamily to Tirol (Austria) and it cant be more beautiful.

Also, even though winter can be though here we can enjoy it so much skiing in the slopes that are only one hour from Munich. I know there is a train that goes to a nice one in the south and the train ticket includes the forfeit ticket.

I would like to share with you some nice pictures of the mountains.

See you in the next post,

Chiara 😊