Hey there!

Let’s talk about how living abroad is. There are many different situations where you could end in Germany joining a German academy. In my case, I have chosen to come here for 6 months just to study German, so, learning German is the one and only reason.

In the Deutschakademie I met people who are here for other reason. Some of them found a job here (in English or their own language) but since they are going to live in Germany they want to speak the language. Others just decided to pack all their stuff and move from another countries to Germany and see what happens; for obvious reasons, they are interested in speak German and start their lives here. Another reason I saw is that their partners have found as a job here (or the company transfer them) and you are moving with him or her and suddenly you are living abroad.

As you see, every person has his own story. But we are all in the same situation: we live abroad, we live far from home, far from our family and friends. And, of course, this is not easy.

I have lived abroad many times, in different countries and in different situation. And I really enjoy the experience of not being in my comfort zone, but that does not mean is easy. You have better days and worse days but is always hard.

When you move with a friend, your couple or family, it is still difficult but when you move alone, every small step feels like a huge one.

You will miss things like your bed, your parents, your favourite restaurant… but also things you would never have imagined you were going to miss. Being abroad makes you stronger and braver. It is an amazing experience with all the goods and all the bads.

For me, joining the Deutschakademie is my favourite part of the day -and I am being honest. I learn the language (which is the point of the whole story) but I also meet people who are in the same situation than I am, and that always feels nice.

I embrace you to let aside your fears I make a step forward.

Good luck to all of you.

See you in the next post,

Chiara 😊