First snow :)

Hey there!

Today is my last post and also today it was my first day in the December course.

This month is quite different because instead of 4 days a week is 5 and instead of 4 weeks it lasts for 3. That’s all because of the Christmas.

For my last post I want to talk about how much we learn joining a course like that.

For example, today the teacher asked everyone which languages we speak. It is so interested! People who learnt Hebrew, others who come from a country where they have 200 different languages, Europeans comparing which languages learn at the school, and so much more.

I love this small talks that suddenly happen during the class, we talk about cultural differences in german, so you get good practice and some interesting knowledge. What else can I ask for?

I am really happy to study german in an international atmosphere.

As a goodby, I share a picture of this morning on my way to the Deutschakademie, the first day of snow! Soooooo beautiful…

Chiara 😊