Day 6: Word of the Day: Schön

A few days ago you saw the state of my kitchen. It was littered with labels. As my learning journey continues I found myself replacing certain nouns in English with the German noun. I no longer was translating the term in my mind. This is a great sign! At first you’ll be translating words until they become natural. One advice I’d like to share is to learn the word WITH the article. Start early with that, because as you start to encounter new grammar you’ll soon realise the grammar goes hand in hand with the article. For example; declension of adjectives only make sense with the article. A beautiful day translates to schönen tag. But a beautiful weekend translates to schönes Wochenende. You thought that was easy? You have not see anything yet. How would you describe the course so far? Think about the contents you are learning from your workbooks perhaps and describe the feeling each day.