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European Championships in Munich

Blog 5 from Alejandra

Hello everybody! Today i went to the European Championships held in Munich. It was awesome. I went to Olympia Stadion, I had never been there. It is huge. Fifty years ago in the same place the Olympic Games where held there. It was actually constructed to host them. I am a big athletics/track and field fan, so I was super pumped at this event. Although the weather was bad (since it was raining a lot) the event was not suspended and people where there happily. I learned that germans say “Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur falsche Kleidung”. That means “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. That was very funny and optimistic.

I guess they are used to having a lot of rain and winter here. I went with my family and had a great time. We saw high jump, 800 meters, javelin throw and 4x100m and 4x400m relays. The crowd was full of people from different parts of Europe, I saw flags from Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland and of course many maaany from Germany. I loved seeing everybody so pumped, cheering and screaming and having a blast. Can’t wait to go to another sport event! Munich is such a lovely city with different things to do everyday. 

Talk to you soon, Alejandra

App recommendation: Tandem

Blog 4 from Alejandra

Hallo!! I hope you are doing well. Today I want to recommend you an App. It is called Tandem. I had never heard of it before I got to Germany. But here everybody seems to know about it. It makes sense because Germany receives every year new immigrants that wish to learn their language and build a new life. It basically consists on getting a “Tandem partner” with whom you can practice the language that they speak as Muttersprache (native tongue) and you teach the other person your own language (which they wish to learn).

There are people from all around the world in it, you can set up your profile, place pictures, write a bit about yourself, explain your goals and intentions in using the app. Here I dare make a parenthesis that lots of people use it as a sort of dating app. It makes sense because the other person is very interested in your language, therefore your culture, etc… Which is obviously fine, but always set your purpose straight and let your Tandem partner know your goals. You can also make phone calls and video calls through the app. I’ve talked with lots of people on Tandem and gone out with two people. Oh boy, speaking the language in real time / real life, is a whole lotta different thing than just texting. Therefore I recommend this app greatly, if you want to practice a language. 

Talk to you soon, your Alejandra

Hottest day in Munich

Blog 3 from Alejandra

Hello people from the world. Yesterday was the hottest day registered this year in Munich. It was 36 degrees. In my hometown in Mexico, which is a desert, it can go up to 40 degrees. So I am used to it. What I am not used to, is that many stores and homes (including mine) don’t have AC (in German: Anlage). So I am suffering the heat as I would in my hometown. It’s all right, I guess it makes me not feel homesick haha. And today, it has been raining all day long. Weather here is very extreme. 

Whenever the sun is out, I’ve noticed the Germans like to sunbathe a lot. They can stay there for hours. I can imagine they do this because the winter lasts 6 months. So I see myself in the future (hopefully) also doing this. 😂

Talk to you soon, Alejandra

Hi everybody! 

Blog 2 from Alejandra

I hope you are doing well. Yesterday in class we talked about the importance of mimics, gestures and body language. Especially when it comes to learning a language. I hadn’t noticed how important these were. I had also not noticed how often I used them. Then I started to become more conscious and saw the teacher used a lot of these and then when I was at a grocery store close to DeutschAkademie (called Edeka), where I just so happened to loose my coffee lid. (The yellow one in the last picture).

I started to ask the workers and unknowingly pointed at the absent lid of my coffee cup, just to make sure I was being understood: „Entschuldigung, eine kleine Frage. Ich habe gerade meinen Deckel von der Tasse Kaffee verloren.“ I have no idea if I said that right, but for sure my pointing at it, helped. Although I didn’t get it back, it helped me practice German in daily life situations. Everybody was also really nice about it, contrary to what is usually thought about people here being not so friendly.

Talk to you soon, your Alejandra

Hello everyone!

Blog 1 from Alejandra

Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog of my personal experience in the wonderful country of Germany.

My name is Alejandra, born and raised in Mexico. I am currently 29 years old and decided about 6 months ago, to radically change my life in search for better opportunities and a better life. I have family in Munich, my sister, two beautiful nieces and my brother-in-law, who is also Mexican. They arrived about 4 years ago. They adapted well to the German culture, they speak fluid German, have lots of German friends. I hope all of this happens to me too! A little more about me, I studied medicine and pathology in Mexico. Now, I must learn the language and start the process in order to be recognized in Germany as a physician as well. By the way, I have been told that German bureaucracy is the worst, so we’ll see about that. 

Today was my first day at school (DeutschAkademie). I felt so excited, like back in school with my notebook and pencil. This is where my sister learned German, so for me it was a no-brainer when it came to choosing a language school. It is located in the heart of “München”, so I am excited to tourist around the center. I’ve already been to Marienplatz and the Frauenkirche. These are must see places whenever you are visiting Munich. 

I’ll keep you posted! 


¿Por qué decidí estudiar alemán?

Ignacio, 19th March 2021

Como ya había contado con anterioridad, Alemania siempre fue un gran sueño mío, pero claro, con saber inglés no basta para cumplirlo. Por este motivo me propuse aprender lo más que podía del idioma y con suerte algún día poder viajar a tal destino. En un principio empecé estudiando por mi cuenta, y como todas las personas del mundo que quieren aprender un nuevo idioma y no pagar un instituto empecé con Duolingo. Pronto me di cuenta que esto no era suficiente y empecé a plantearme la posibilidad de tomar ayuda profesional, y así fue.
Particularmente no encuentro muchas cosas mas lindas que entender bien lo que el otro dice, aunque sea en otro idioma, es una satisfacción muy grande ya que tenes la posibilidad de no únicamente entender lo que dice, sino de poder analizar la forma en la que piensa, la cultura, sus principios, historia, valores, y diferencia culturales con tu propia cultura. Simplemente ir a un país y pasear sin hablar el idioma es no tener la posibilidad de vivir la experiencia a pleno, y eso es exactamente lo que quiero.
En la actualidad puedo comunicarme y entender muy bien el idioma, pero como hay mucho más que aprender y mejorar, asiste a clases en la “DeutschAkademie” donde estoy realizando grandes avances.
Saludos desde Argentina,

“Un nuevo mundo”

Ignacio, 05th March 2021

¡Hola! ¡Buenas Tardes!

Bueno, decidir si decir buenos días, buenas tardes o buenas noches es una tarea complicada debido a las 5 horas que separan a Alemania con mi país. Me llamo Ignacio Eyzaguirre, tengo 21 años y vivo en Argentina.

Realmente soy un chico muy tranquilo con grandes sueños de vivir en Alemania. Sin dar más vueltas les cuento un poco de como comenzó mi fascinación con todo el mundo alemán: realmente no recuerdo el momento exacto en el que comencé a interesarme por Alemania, porque desde que tengo uso de razón puedo imaginarme pensando “wow qué fabuloso debe ser vivir en Alemania”, si bien veía esto como un sueño tan lejano, siempre tuve en claro que lo iba a cumplir. Poco a poco fue averiguando todo tipo de información del país, curiosidades, historia etc. Así fue que con el pasar de los años tuve la oportunidad de cumplir mi sueño, ¡Hacer un intercambio a München! Realmente la mejor experiencia de mi vida, pero las sorpresas no terminan ahí, la experiencia no solo fue satisfactoria sino que superó todo pronóstico mio. Lo soñé tanto que se volví realidad. Esto solo reafirmo mi amor por lo que considero yo “un nuevo mundo”

Saludos desde Mendoza, Nacho.

Deutschkurse in Stuttgart – German courses in Stuttgart

Liebe Teilnehmer, liebe Interessenten – liebe Stuttgarter!

Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und im Hinblick auf die aktuelle Situation ist jetzt die beste Zeit, um es sich zu Hause gemütlich zu machen. Vielleicht nutzt ihr diese Zeit, um euch mit einem online Deutschkurs weiterzubilden? Bei der DeutschAkademie könnt ihr in nur 4 Wochen Deutsch lernen und so in kurzer Zeit langfristigen Lernerfolg erzielen.

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Unsere Deutschkurse in Stuttgart sind sowohl als 4-wöchiger Intensivkurs (4 Tage die Woche à 3h/Tag), als auch als halbintensiver Abendkurs (über eine Dauer von 8 Wochen an 2 Abenden in der Woche) buchbar. Weitere Kursangebote findet ihr auf der Website unserer DeutschAkademie Stuttgart. Alle Kurse mit garantiertem Lernerfolg dank unserer Qualitäts- und Geld-zurück-Garantie.

Fragen zu unserem Kursprogramm? Schreibt eine E-Mail an Unsere MitarbeiterInnen in Stuttgart helfen euch gerne weiter.

Viel Spaß beim Deutsch lernen!

Eure DeutschAkademie

Dear participants – dear citizens of Stuttgart!

Christmas is just around the corner and in view of the current situation, now is the best time to make yourself comfortable at home. Perhaps you will use this time to further educate yourself with an online German course? At the DeutschAkademie you can learn German in just 4 weeks and achieve long-term learning success in a short time.

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Our German courses in Stuttgart can be booked as a 4-week intensive course (4 days a week, 3 hours a day) or as a semi-intensive evening course (over a period of 8 weeks, 2 evenings a week). You can find further course offers on the website of our DeutschAkademie Stuttgart. All courses with guaranteed learning success thanks to our quality and money-back guarantee.

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Your DeutschAkademie

Deutschkurse in Frankfurt – German courses in Frankfurt

Liebe Teilnehmer,

es ist uns eine Freude, euch nun auch Deutschkurse in Frankfurt anbieten zu können! 😊 Im Moment könnt ihr diese Kurse als online Deutschkurse buchen, aber sobald sich die Situation bessert, freuen wir uns darauf, euch auch persönlich in Frankfurt zu empfangen!

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Eure DeutschAkademie

Dear participants,

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Deutsch Abendkurse in München oder online

Liebe TeilnehmerInnen,

für diejenigen, die neben ihrem Beruf oder Studium in einem weniger intensiven Rahmen ihre Deutschkenntnisse verbessern möchten, bieten wir unseren speziellen Deutschkurs am Abend an. Dieser Kurs dauert 8 Wochen und findet nur zwei Mal pro Woche statt.

So können Sie am Abend Deutsch lernen und sichtbare Fortschritte erzielen, ohne Ihre privaten Verpflichtungen zu vernachlässigen.

Mehr Informationen zu unserem Deutschkurs finden Sie hier!

Dear participants,

For those who would like to improve their German language skills in a less intensive setting in addition to their job or studies, we offer our special evening German course. This course lasts 8 weeks and takes place only twice a week.

This way you can learn German in the evening and make visible progress without neglecting your private obligations.

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