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Die kulinarische Vielfalt Bayerns

Die Menschen, die in Bayern leben, könnten nicht unterschiedlicher sein. Es gibt Pfälzer, Bayern, Franken und Schwaben. Und so unterschiedlich ihre Kulturen sind, so unterschiedlich sind auch ihre Geschmäcker in Sachen Essen und Trinken. Im Süden isst man gern Weißwürste, Kaiserschmarrn und Käsespätzle und trinkt dazu eine Maß Helles (Bier).

Im Norden hingegen serviert man deftige Bratwürste mit Sauerkraut, süße Nürnberger Lebkuchen und greift lieber zu einem guten Glas Weißwein. Allen gemein ist jedoch die Gastfreundlichkeit in den traditionellen und urigen Wirtschaften. Man geht offen mit internationalen Gästen um und freut sich, wenn diese die einheimischen Köstlichkeiten probieren. Und wem die meist üppigen Male zu schwer im Magen liegt, dem empfiehlt der Wirt stets gern einen flüssigen Verdauer.

Lina ;)



Unlike in Munich, Sundays in Colombia are the preferred days for families to go to the mall, go to see movies, go to a restaurant or even go to the supermarket to shopping and get out of the routine of the week, for this reason when I arrived in  Munich, it seemed very strange that every supermarket or shopping mall was closed on Sundays.  

That’s when you realize the cultural differences between countries and as something as normal for Colombians as going to the mall on Sundays, here in Munich it  can be something so strange. Especially for people like me who in their routine have in mind to stop shopping for Sundays. Here I learned to shop during the week; because in addition the supermarkets  are open from 7 in the morning, another big difference between Munich and Colombia , in Colombia the supermarkts  open at 9 and the shopping centers on weekends close at 10 at night, because many people have the plan to go to the cinema at 11 at night. 

Cheers Lina :)


I think that one of the best and most difficult decisions I’ve made is deciding to live in another country. Being away from your family and friends in a country completely unknown to you, without speaking the language are enough reasons to be afraid. For me the fears still do not disappear completely, but every day I confirm that it has been my best decision, because I feel braver, able to achieve my dreams, I also found love 9000 km away from my hometown.

These have been some of my experiences in this beautiful adventure of living far from my country. I hope you learned something from my favorite city (Munich) or at least you had fun with my stories.



At this time, they already know that learning German was not very easy for me at the beginning, but one of the great advantages of DeutschAkademie is the pluskurs. Every Friday for me represents a small grammar summary of the week, exercises that allow you to practice what you see in class and the opportunity to clarify your question and of course talk in class, losing the fear of speaking and being able to practice pronunciation. I feel that this course was my lifeguard in the first moments at the beginning of language learning.


Feel love for the German language? Yes, I feel

At the beginning my main reason for learning German was because I had to learn the language of the place where I am currently living. After three months of this crazy adventure I can say that I fell in love with this language. I mentioned it before, learning German is not something simple, but I think that is one of the reasons that I love this language.

Some people will think that I am crazy, and they are right Hehehe, I have always loved challenges, I chose as a chemical engineering profession (many people find chemistry very complicated), I love math and quantum physics. And now I love the German language, every day in class I feel like in my head the neurons synapse with this beautiful language.

I really love studying German every day in class and at home, and although it is somewhat complicated, every day I want to continue studying and learn more, that must to be love.

Cheers, Lina

Celebrate the independence of Colombia in Germany

If possible, on July 20, many of the Colombians met on the banks of the Isar River to celebrate Colombia’s independence day with typical Colombian food, music and with the kindness that characterizes us Colombians.

The meal was completely free for attendees, many of the Colombians wear the Colombian soccer team shirt and share a pleasant moment remembering our roots and sharing a historical moment together away from our homeland.



The first word that I hear every time when I say I am from Colombian is “cocaine”, and I think it is a fame that Colombia has acquired thanks to its famous soap opera about cocaine and drugs, which is very far from reality. There is a song famous in Colombia that describe this perfect “De aquí se habla mal, pero todo está mucho mejor”.

Colombia is a country privileged by nature, with thousands of heavenly places. Bogota it’s the capital, cold and rainy, but with lovely places influenced by Spanish colonial architecture. Bogota has a botanical garden, which sometimes makes night tours full of lights.

Colombia is also one of the richest countries in biological and cultural diversity in the world, that diversity is represented in 59 natural areas belonging to the System of Natural National Parks, one of them Tayrona Park. Perfect for lovers of adventure, the sea, and the contemplation of beautiful landscapes. His temperature is between 25ºC and 32ºC, with a great variety of birds, lizards, corals, mangroves, lagoons and huge rocks.

 In the Tayrona National Natural Park, there are holy sites that must be protected and respected as part of the cultural heritage of mankind.

 And to finally fall in love with my country, food is the best, that’s what I miss most about being far from my country. Colombia has a great variety of fruits and vegetables. For this reason, the basis of Colombian food is fresh and natural products that mixed with a touch of love allow us to have different, colorful and tasty dishes.


The Germans are unfriendly? That’s just a myth

Colombians and many Latin-American people believe that Germans are unfriendly people, but this is just one more myth. I remember that my first impression of the Germans was completely different, they are very friendly, if for example you ask them something in English about a place you don’t know or how to get by U-Bahn, because like me in the first few days you don’t understand the names of the stations they will help you.

But to learn that, this is only one of the many myths that surround the Germans you must live an experience either as a tourist, student, or worker in a German city.

The attitude of the inhabitants of Munich for how little I have been able to live is a very friendly attitude.

Cheers, Lina ;)


In January I was in Malta for 6 weeks to improve my level of English, and I discovered a small country in Europe with many charms.

Being a small country it is very easy to travel. You can go from Medina to Valetta by bus for only 1.50 euros. My favorite places are:

  • Medina: it has beautiful palaces and religious buildings of the middle ages.
  • Marsaxlokk: located south of Valletta, it is the most important fishing port on the island, and the perfect place to discover the culinary charm of Maltese food. There you can see the traditional wooden boats painted in various colors: blue, green, red, yellow.
  • Blue Grotto: it is a series of sea caves, where you can contemplate the wonderful and diferents colors of the Malta Sea.
  • Saint Peter’s Pool: is a natural pool that is located near Marsaxlokk.
  • Gozo: it is an island smaller than Malta, to get there you must take a Ferry.

Malta is a lovely island with fascinating places. If you are in Europe do not miss the opportunity to visit places like this.

Cheers, Lina :)


It was built in 1933 to become the first official concentration camp.

I had never visited a concentration camp and I think to talk about what happened there would be to repeat what you can in the history books or different websites.

From this I just want to tell you that the day I was there I felt a deep sadness, I think visiting places like this serve to learn about of history, obviously, but also to remember that we should be a little more tolerant with the people around us, and the that life is too short to live in an absurd war.

Recognize your weaknesses as a human being in places like this, only help you grow as a person and learn that this kind of dark moments in the history of humanity will help us understand that we are all equal, regardless of religion, the country of origin , or the color of your skin, but above all to strive every day to be better human beings so that these stories do not happen again.