A Warm Summer Sunday

We have been experiencing ´´high´´ temperatures the last week although it is not officially summer. Anyway, 25°C is worth celebrating, isn’t it? I cannot help but to think about all the things I want to do in summer.

I enjoy doing a lot of outdoor activities during the summer. There are many plans to do: Barbecues, hiking, trail running or camping. One of the things I enjoy the most is eating in terraces. It is quite relaxing, and you can take advantage of the nice temperature.  However, warm weather is better handled when there is water around. That is why the Isar is my favorite place to go. I like more the beach than the river. But since we do not have beaches close to Munich, the Isar is a great alternative. The Isar is crossing Bavaria and Tyrol in Austria. It is not very clear the meaning of its name. There are plenty of theories about possible explanations.

However, most of them summarized one idea in particular: flowing water. The Isar water is fed by the Alps. Therefore, its water is cold most of the time. The river represents a major attraction for tourists the whole year because of the broad amount of activities that can be done. It offers fishing, rafting, sunbathing and plenty of shorelines. The Eisbach is the most known stretch of the Isar. It is a two-kilometer journey that passes through the famous Englisch Garten.  This path of the river forms small waves that surfers use to practice their skills -all year long. The best thing is that people get in there and swim, allowing themselves to be guided by the river´s strength. I had the experience of doing it last year. I thought it was going to be easy. Unfortunately, it was harsher than I expected it. The whole point is to allow your body to float on the river´s surface until you can get out. Otherwise, you get stressed and you are afraid of getting drowned like I did -but without need. There is plenty of people doing it with you, and everybody seems to enjoy it. Summer is a really good time to experience new things and enjoy Munich. If you are new in town, I recommend you check out the Isar and get the best out of it in this great time of the year.