One Moment in Time with Til Schweiger

Blog 3 by Shin Shin Lung

My favourite German movies of all time are Keinohrhasen and its sequel, Zweiohrküken starring Til Schweiger. Not only do I love the movies but I absolutely adore Til too! He was hilarious in both of them. It is a bonus that he is easy on the eyes too! 😛

Til was having coffee with a lady outside his restaurant, Barefoot Deli ( ) on Lilienstraße when a family wanted to take a photo with him. He kindly obliged and I thought, this is MY chance! I have to ask him for a photo too! I know, I have no shame! Starstrucked like a teenager, I excitedly told him that I love his movies. He was nice and asked me, “Where are you from?”. I replied “Australia” and I told him that I am learning German. Another fan came up to him and asked him for a photo, so I went on my merry way.


This is such a coincidence because we were just learning how to describe movies and actors in class. This has made my day – although it only lasted for one-quick-happy minute! 🙂 #tilschweiger

German Pronunciation: How can your Eye and Feet help?

Blog 2 by Shin Shin Lung

As an English speaker, I find it a little bit challenging to pronounce certain German words.  This is because in the German language, there are some additional letters with sounds that do not have an English equivalent.

I learnt German in Australia before enrolling in DeutschAkademie this month.  My previous tutor, Dr. Erika Hild gave me the following guide which has helped me tremendously.  The guide references an English sound to a German sound. I find it easier to pronounce a German letter or word if I can reference it to a sound I already know.

Pronunciation Guide

Group of Vowels

au         similar in sound to “ow” in how

ai         similar in sound to the word “eye

ei         similar in sound to the word “eye

eu        similar in sound to “oy” in toy

ie         similar in sound to “ee” in feet




ä          similar to the “a” in care

ö          similar to the “ea” in earth ( closest match )

ü          no similar sounds

äu        the same as the German eu sound, which is similar to the “oy” in toy


I look forward to speaking German every day now! Maybe one day I might sound like a German? 🙂 #WishfulThinking

I hope you find this guide useful too!