Questions and verbs with prepositions

Blog 10 by Ale

Moin, Moin!

To continue with the theme of the previous blog, I want to say that I found this part very funny. See photo attached, because I think it will help you to understand it better.

As already mentioned, the elaboration of questions with verbs with preposition will depend on whether you ask for a thing or for a person.

When asking for a thing you should use “WO” and if the preposition starts with a vowel you should add an “R” before the vowel, for example:

  • Worauf freust du dich?
  • Wofür interessiert ihr euch?

But if you ask for a person, the question should start with the preposition of the verb and then add “WEN” (accusative) or “WEM” (dative), for example:

  • FÜR wen interessierst du dich?
  • MIT wem treffen sie sich morgen?

I really hope that learning German will be fun for you and as I have said in the previous blogs, everything becomes more natural with practice.