Blog 12 by Ale

Moin, Moin!

Hamburg is located only three hours (two hours if you use the ICE train) from the capital of Germany. You can go there by train, flight, car or bus and I recommend a three-day visit to this beautiful city that has lived the history of this country and where memory is present in every corner.

I had a three-hour glimpse at tourist sites, but three days of living in Berlin as a local, going to one of the biggest markets in Kreuzberg, visiting a Flohmarkt and touring the Neukölln area.

By the way, speaking of tourist places, I walked from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate along Bundesstraße, where the neoclassical architecture is in all its splendor and I was in Bernauer Straße, knowing a little (really very little) of the traces of the wall that divided Germany for 30 years.

I’m more than sure I didn’t know 2% of what a tourist should know in Berlin, but I’m sure I’ll come back to do it and change 3 hours running for 3 days going through it a little more in detail.