A glimpse at the German grammar

Blog 6 by Ale

Moin Moin!

In German something very interesting happens when using attributive adjectives, because they must be declined depending on gender, number and case (nominative, accusative, dative and genitive).

Although it is a topic that I am not learning this month, I find it interesting to share with you a small chart where we can have a look how to conjugate adjectives in each of the genres and then some examples.

  • Ich höre das traurige Lied. (Accusative + Neutral)
  • Das ist eine blaue Tasche. (Nominative + Female)
  • Auf meinem roten Schrank stehen Bücher. (Dative + Male)
  • Ein schönes, aber altes Haus wird verkauft. (Accusative + Neutral)
  • Spielst du mit deinen kleinen Kindern? (Dative + Plural)
  • Das ist ein neuer, teurer und guter Wagen. (Nominative + Male)

Just remember that this is not a topic to be scared of or run away from. It is something that with time and practice becomes natural, or at least that’s what they (all Germans and teachers) say. 😉