My first German course at DeutschAkademie Hamburg

Blog 2 by Ale

Moin, Moin!

Before travelling to Hamburg, I was looking for institutes or academies where I could learn German. I found a few institutes on the internet, but I couldn’t decide between them. My host mom then recommended me an academy and insisted that I should register there and pay for my course two months in advance. But there was something which didn’t convince me – you may call it the “Sixth Sense”. 😉

I threw myself to the fate of arriving in Hamburg without enrolling in any academy and upon arrival, I was fortunate to meet a little angel who recommended me the intensive course at DeutschAkademie Hamburg. I took an online placement test and the next day I went to the office to register and pay for my first course A2(1). I was very lucky because I could find a place two weeks before the start of the classes and enter a level according to my previous knowledge of German.

The next week I did a city tour and while talking with the guide, she asked me about my language course – and I said that I joined DeutschAkademie. She assured me it was the best language course in Hamburg. Now I´ve been there for one month and I can recommend it 200 %, not only because of the way they handle the level contents, but also beacuse of the teachers, all the staff (which is always there for you when you need it), the facilities and the opportunity to learn and practice daily. Please look forward to my next blog!



About myself

Blog 1 by Ale

Moin, Moin!

My name is Maria Alejandra. I was born in Bogota, Colombia and this year, after finishing my architect career, I decided to come to Germany to work as an au-pair. Having a cultural exchange experience and learning a new language are my principal goals here. I traveled with a lot of fears, because for the first time I had left my home for a long time (one year) to a distant country to embark on a new adventure. But during my first two months in Hamburg there were a lot of experiences and surprises, which managed to challenge my concerns to the point of forgetting about them.

Hamburg is a really wonderful and beautiful city, open to anyone who wants to discover it. For that reason I will try to write some blogs about my walks through this city and my favorite places, as well as provide some tips or recommendations how not to die in attempt to learn German, haha. 🙂

For now I’m saying goodbye, hoping that you’re looking forward to my upcoming blog about the DeutschAkademie in Hamburg!



Hochwassersaison in der HafenCity

Blog 16 von Beatrice

Holt euren Regenschirm und eure Regenkleidung heraus, denn die Hochwassersaison hat begonnen! Die Hochwassersaison geht von Mitte September bis Ende März. Die größten registrierten Überschwemmungen gab es 1962. Die Flut hat leider 315 Hamburgern das Leben gekostet. Um die Flutung zu reduzieren, wurden Gebäude auf Sockeln erbaut. Viele dieser Sockel sind acht Meter hoch, sodass die Gebäude vor extremen Überschwemmungen geschützt sind. 🙂

Deutschsprachige Testberatung

Blog 15 von Beatrice

Macht ihr bald auch eine Telc-Prüfung? Ich empfehle, diese beiden Bücher zu kaufen, um zu studieren. „Mit Erfolg zu telc Deutsch“ ist der Name. Kauft das Übungsbuch und das Testbuch am besten mit der Audio-CD! Jedes Buch kostet ca. 20 Euro und die Buchhandlung Thalia hat sie direkt im Laden. Hamburg hat einen Thalia in der Europa Passage und eine Filiale am Hauptbahnhof. Gleich zwei Buchhandlungen in der Nähe von der DeutschAkademie! 😉

Ich lerne jetzt für die B2-Prüfung und ich mache die Prüfung bei einem Testzentrum neben dem Hauptbahnhof. Viel Glück! 🙂