In Hamburg sagt man Tschüss!

Blog 16 by Ashish

Moin everyone and welcome back!

Tschüss” is a greeting that is used at the time when one has to say  “Goodbye”. Like “Moin” it is also used in the northern parts of Germany and in Hamburg.  I have shared some of my experiences of living in Germany and also about what I have learnt from them. I hope you found them interesting. Now is the time to say goodbye.

Anything that has a beginning has an end. How can my blogs be an exception to this. However, the experience in penning down my thoughts is something that will always stay with me. I would like to thank DeutschAkademie for providing me this additional opportunity to explore my blogging skills. Also, my small family of classmates and teachers with whom I spent a lot of enjoyable moments while learning the German language. Everyone collectively made me realize that, “Learning German is fun”.

Learning never stops and it will continue even after this last blog. I hope that everyone keeps learning and achieving success. Also, enjoy and have fun during the process. Take care and goodbye, or as it is said Tschüss!

Viel Erfolg noch!

Ashish (@ashes.kk)