Last days in the school

Blog 15 by Ale

Moin, Moin!

Today is not my last day at the academy, but this week’s level is ending. So after finishing all the grammar topics and all the units of the book, Polina, our teacher decided to play with us Tabu, it was really fun, you can practice vocabulary and speaking with your classmates. The last days also offer the opportunity to review all the topics and vocabulary you have acquired during the month to clarify doubts before moving forward, with this goal is always good or complete the book exercises that were not developed in class or do extra exercises with your classmates and teacher.

Don’t forget that the last day is also a good time to share more with your classmates and learn more about their cultures, as they may not continue the course with you next month, so they can plan an activity or share a meal with them and at the same time you can practice your speaking with them.



Local preposition

Blog 14 by Ale

Moin, Moin!

If you ever had contact with the German language you probably noticed that there are certain prepositions when speaking about the location. It all depends on whether you know where you are going (Wohin?), where you are (Wo?) and where you come from (Woher?) and whether you are referring to a particular place (cinema, supermarket, house) or whether you are talking about a person, an institution or an activity.

I think that the chart in the image clarifies the subject very well and then there are a few examples:

Ich gehe ins Kino. (Wohin – Place)

Sag mal, bist du beim Arzt? (Wo – Person)

Warum kommst du so früh zur Schule? (Wohin – Place)

Ich komme aus dem Restaurant vom Frühstück. (Woher – Place / Activity)

Er kommt vom Sport im Fitness-Studio. (Woher – Activity (vom) / place (im))

Gestern waren wir bei unseren Großeltern im Haus. (Wo – Person (bei) – Place (im))

I think this is one of those things that gets more natural faster.

See you in the next blog.



Sightseeing –

This photograph is of a German submarine U-995 Type VIIC at the Laboe Naval Memorial which was the workhorse of the German submarine fleet during World War Two. It has been beautifully restored and has been displayed as a museum exhibit. It’s placed on a beach on the eastern lip of the fjord at Laboe. You can easily get there from Kiel on a bus. In case you have never experienced seeing a U-Boat, this will be an interesting visit.

Till date, it’s one of my favorite visits in Germany, I still remember reading history about this mentioned in Deutsch. For rest of the information, you can get details on this in Wikipedia.

DeutschAkademie Hamburg

Elb Tunnel: Another historic place in Hamburg which is worth the experience. The photograph depicts the details about Elb Tunnel written in Deutsch and you’ll find almost all the places have descriptions written in German language. Even the menu is mostly in Deutsch. Read the boards, hoardings and advertisements in Deutsch, as this helps in increasing your vocabulary. Try to learn new words every time you go out. This really helps!