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Off to the starry sky! A well-earned break after the German course in Hamburg

If the murky and chilly Hamburg weather again blocks our view, we can lean back comfortably in the Planetarium. This is the perfect form of relaxation after our German course. Here we listen to a distant voice explaining us the universe with 3-D animations.
Moreover, the 60m-high old water tower offers 360° panoramas, where we pass the time in infinite expanses to the sound of heavenly music. Poetry for the senses – we are speechless!

Old Elbe Tunnel

You can look into the tube: To the old Elbe Tunnel after the German course

Hamburg has a lot to offer, above and below ground. For this reason, after we have finished the German class, we really get to the bottom of things. The old Elbe Tunnel connects the district of St. Pauli with the dock island of Steinwerder and is one of the most important monuments of the city. So, if you want to cross the Elbe quickly, you can go the way through the 426m-long, dimly lit tunnel. If it’s too eerie for you, just speak your mind, but only in German, please.

St. Michaelis Church

High up the ‘Michel’

Of course, if you learn German, you need patience and perseverance. But we are staying in motion all the same: Together we climb up the St. Michaelis Church, Hamburg’s landmark. The 132m-high church tower has a viewing platform offering a magnificent panorama of Hamburg city centre and the harbour. Can we find our language school from up there? At any rate, there is the right overview there and we can give free rein to our thoughts – that makes room for the next German lesson.


A big party on the Reeperbahn

The Hamburg Reeperbahn, the world-renowned pleasure quarter at the heart of St. Pauli, is famous and infamous at the same time. If you have passed the German course at our language institute, you can celebrate for a few hours as a reward. In the Hamburg red-light district all the night owls cavort between cafés, bars, clubs and discos. But watch out: if you go too far, you will quickly make the acquaintance of probably the most famous police station in the world, in Davidstrasse.


Learn German in the open air on Hamburg city walls

We leave the language institute and take the suburban railway to Hamburg-Dammtor. ‘Planten un Blomen’ is an enormous park and an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the metropolis of Hamburg. Botanical and Japanese gardens invite us to make a stay here. And if we didn’t have to learn German, we could surely study the language of plants and flowers here. But there is sure to be enough time after lessons to go roller-skating here in the spring and summer and ice-skating in the winter.

Warehouse district

We test your storage capacity – even after the German course in Hamburg

When you are learning German, you have a lot to save and store in your heads. Here, it is worth taking a look behind the scenes of Hamburg’s warehouse district. For 100 years, tons of tea, cocoa, coffee and spices have been stored here on an area of almost 500,000 m². But this city in the city, which can be reached both by water and road, has meanwhile become the home to condominiums, restaurants and hip advertizing agencies. Let’s get inspiration from the gigantic warehouse complex – best of all immediately after the German course!


After the entertaining language course in Hamburg, let’s have fun on the Alster

The Binnen and Außenalster is a huge, two-part lake at the heart of Hamburg city centre. Just as dozens of swan families glide through the Alster in spring and summer, we are also drawn to the water after the German lesson. The nautical offer is large: you can go on a relaxing motor launch trip, or go sailing, canoeing or on a pedalo. If you find that too wet, you can go shopping on the Jungfernstieg close by. What about a new German dictionary?

Highflyer Balloon

German language course in Hamburg – only flying is better

Sometimes you need a change of perspective in order to see things more clearly. This also applies to learning German. For this reason, we leave the language school behind us and make our way to the ‘Highflyer Balloon’. The 23m-diameter helium balloon has room for 30 persons and offers a unique panorama from an altitude of 150m. The highlight: in the summer, the illuminated balloon is launched into Hamburg’s night sky right up to midnight.


Through Hamburg’s redoubt district

How and where could you get into conversation after the German course better than by jumping into the fray and mixing with the people of Hamburg? The redoubt district is part of the scene in Hamburg. Many students live in the popular district near Hamburg University and enjoy the fashionable alternative atmosphere with nice cafés, bars and record shops. If you can’t get a word out here, you’ll never get into conversation with the lads and lasses of Hamburg. So, start speaking German.

Fish market

Learn German like the barkers

The German language only really comes to life on the Fish Market in Hamburg St. Pauli. Here, the barkers talk BIG. In exchange, you might get one or the other gift in kind. But if you want to get delicious fish or fruit thrown at you playfully, you’ll have to get up early or not go to bed at all on Saturday. For the traditional Hamburg market, which has existed since the 17th century, already closes at 9:30 on Sunday morning.

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