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Choosing the right language school

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 17. May 2019

Blog 3 by Krishma

One of my most important decisions of choosing Deutsch Akademie for learning Deutsch. While I was in India I started my research on which institute to choose from, though there were a couple of them which topped my list, but then I chose Deutsch Akademie. I do recommend couple of points to keep in mind while choosing a language institute: – check genuine reviews, take feedback from alumni of the school, compare cost, location of the school in the city, type of crowd which the school attracts and the last but most importantly check feedback of the language teachers 🙂 All this helped me in choosing the right school for me!


Grocery Store

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am

Blog 2 Krishma

The first few days in Germany, made me realize the need and importance of learning German language. The signboards across city are written in German. The moment you start conversing, people will greet you in Deutsch. 🙂

It was time I should know what to buy and what not to buy in a Deutsch grocery store. All the basic items have their packets printed in German language. My eagerness and curiosity to learn this language for the need of regular life was my first motivation.


Welcome to Krishma´s Blog

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 16. May 2019

Blog 1 Krishma

Welcome to my Blog for DeutschAkademie!

I’m Krishma Arora. I come from India and have migrated to Germany about 6 months back. I live in Hamburg with my husband.

I’m here to share my experience of living in this city and about learning German (Deutsch) language as a part of my regular routine. The photograph you see is of a ferry trip in front of one of the most famous buildings called “Elbphilharmonie”. It was a beautiful Saturday excursion for me and my husband when I had arrived in the city in September 2018. More to follow in my next articles! Stay tuned!


Three Don’ts in Germany

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 14. May 2019

Blog 16 by ShinShin


Being married to a German, I’ve learnt a few things about Germans. Here are three things not to do while living in Germany.


  1. Don’t wish them “Happy Birthday” before their Birthdays: In Australia, whenever we find out someone’s upcoming birthday but we won’t see them on the day, we often wish them in advance. For example, it is the last day of the working week and you know your colleague’s birthday is on Sunday, you would say “Happy Birthday for Sunday!” since you won’t be seeing them over the weekend.  This is seen as nice and thoughtful. However, in Germany, this is seen as bad luck! So, never wish a German “Happy Birthday” until the day arrives!


  1. Don’t use the word “invite” (einladen) unless you want to pay for the experience: In English, you could “invite” someone to have a meal with you or to your home country for a holiday. However, that doesn’t mean you are going to pay for them. In Germany, when you “invite” someone for a meal, for example, it means that you will pay for them, so be mindful when using the word “einladen”, unless you really do want to treat them! 🙂


  1. Don’t ask for tap water in restaurants: In Germany, they do not serve tap water as a free drink in restaurants unlike Australia or some European countries. Unfortunately, you will need to order a bottle of still water if you want a tap water equivalent.


I hope these three tips help you while living in Germany!


Forest Kindergarten

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am

Blog 15 by ShinShin

One Sunday, when I was out on a walk in Aumühle, I came across a cute little forest kindergarten. This is a brand new concept to me! We do not have this in Australia! A forest kindergarten is for children aged between 3 and 6 years old and it is held almost exclusively outdoors.


Unlike the kindergartens in Australia, where it is fenced up for security reasons, this kindergarten has no ceilings, walls or fences! The children play, explore and learn in the forest. This is really so cute! @Clara – Maybe one day, we could have our German lesson in the forest, rather than in class?! 😛