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Hamburg: The Home of Nivea

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 21. January 2019

Blog 8 by Shin Shin Lung

I love Nivea products and I have been using them for years. So, I was very happy when I discovered that Hamburg is the home of Nivea! It is owned by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG.

There is no better place to buy Nivea products than at its flagship store, Nivea Haus in the City. It is situated on Jungfernstieg 51. They sell the entire product range with massage and beauty treatments using Nivea products. Their newest offering is the “Cloudless Skin” treatment which originates from Korea.

If you are looking for some gift ideas, only at Nivea Haus can you get your own personalised Nivea Crème!  You can gift a loved one (or yourself! Haha!) a tub of Nivea Crème with your photo on it! The photo can only be taken instore, so if you want your face on a tub of Crème, make sure you are dressed for the occasion! 🙂



Hamburg Quick Shopping Guide: Where to get What?

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 08. January 2019

Blog 7 by Shin Shin Lung

When I first arrived in Hamburg, I would have loved a quick shopping guide which tells me where I can go to purchase basic items to get started in a new country. So, the intention of this blog is to give you a short list of stores near our school and chain retailers which are found throughout Hamburg to help you get started!

  • Budget Grocery Stores:

    Aldi, Lidl and Penny Markt. They are all comparable in prices.

  • Grocery Stores:

    Edeka and Rewe. I find Edeka slightly more expensive than Rewe but I do love shopping at Edeka more.
    For those of you who love Asian cooking, there is a huge Asian grocery store in Karstadt on Mönkebergstraße.
    Yuan Ye on Bugenhagenstraße. 5 is also good.

  • Consumer Electronics/Entertainment/Mobile Phone Plans:

    The Saturn on Mönkebergstraße is huge. It has everything under the sun! If you need a mobile phone plan, you will be able to find a provider here.
    Just remember that you need to show proof of residence (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) and your passport to get one.

  • Health and Beauty Retailer:

    Budnikowski (Budni), Rossman and dm. I personally love shopping at Budni. Their generic organic skin care is inexpensive but good quality.


  • Department Stores:

    Karstadt, Galeria Kaufhof and Alsterhaus.


  • Household Hardware:


  • Stationery:

    Staples and McPaper.

  • Furniture:



  • Luxury Shopping:

    All stores on Neuer Wall ( if you must! Haha!)


A special mention needs to be made for C&A. It only sells clothes for men and women but it is cheap and cheerful. However, it is still quite fashionable.

For example, you can get a jumper for just 9 Euros! This is where to go if you want inexpensive basics, especially on a tight student budget


I hope this short list helps you buy everything you need to feel comfortable in a new country.


Magical German Christmas Markets

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 21. December 2018

Blog 6 by Shin Shin Lung

I love German Christmas markets! They are the best in the world! Even mulled wine taste better in Germany! 😀 OK, maybe I am being a little bit biased but I can’t help myself since Germany is my adopted country! I love being in Germany this time of the year.

Christmas markets start every year after “Totensonntag” (Sunday of the Dead) and this year, the markets started on 26th November. There are many Christmas markets around Hamburg; there is even one opposite our school at Gerhart-Hauptmann Platz (next to Karstadt)!

To my surprise, there is a Chinese stall there selling Chinese pancakes! Talk about a multicultural society, eh?

My favourite Christmas Market in Hamburg is the Rathausmarkt Christmas Market. The market is open daily from 11am-9pm (Sunday to Thursday) and from 11am-10pm (Friday and Saturday). If you fancy seeing a flying Santa, make sure you are there at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.


My favourite stall this year is the Flammlachs stall where you can enjoy smoked salmon in various way – my choice is in the trusty and safe breadroll. Super yummy!






The Best Chinese Restaurant in Hamburg

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 18. December 2018

Blog 5 by Shin Shin Lung

As a Chinese Australian, I feel I am qualified to judge that Mei Moon (www.meimoon.de) is the best Chinese restaurant in Hamburg!

Mei Moon

It is situated opposite the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof on Bremer Reihe. Opened in 2004, Mei Moon claims that it has over 400 dishes! I have yet to try all 400 dishes [ maybe that should be a personal goal? 🙂 ], but the dishes that I have tried are authentic and delicious with a Cantonese flair.

The Dim Sum is super and the à la carte menu is fantastic. The hawker style dishes are also very good.  Traditionally, Dim Sum is a brunch or lunch time affair but Mei Moon serves Dim Sum for lunch and dinner. If you have not tried Dim Sum before, I fully recommend it! It is like Chinese Tapas! You can pick from a variety of small bite-sized dishes for your culinary pleasure. It is also best when shared with friends.

With its charming traditional Chinese décor, the restaurant is always packed with locals and Asian tourists. So, if you are heading there during peak hour, try to book a table in advance.


To Labskaus or Not to Labskaus?

von DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 14. December 2018

Blog 4 by Shin Shin Lung

Whether you are here for a minute or a lifetime, you should try the infamous Northern German dish called Labskaus. This dish is as controversial as Marmite – some people love it, and others hate it! 


The main ingredients are salted meat or corned beef, potatoes, onions, beetroot, pickled gherkins, herring (matjes) and a fried egg. My Hamburger husband loves it but it is not my cup of tea.  It is an acquired taste and I have never eaten anything quite like it, so it is a little bit difficult to describe the taste without sounding too negative! 🙂 As a picture is worth a thousand words, check out my photo and decide for yourself.  To Labskaus or Not to Labskaus? – that is the question! 🙂