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Meine Hartnäckigkeit soll Erfolg bringen!

DeutschAkademie Hamburg
Hamburg, am 31. March 2020

Blog 15 by Ashish

Moin everyone and welcome back!

As you already know, I have been writing tests at the end of every class at DeutschAkademie. The confidence levels keep on increasing if one is scoring well in the tests and vice versa. Every test that I wrote has been an amazing learning experience.

The first few days, my results were awful. When my scores were down, I tried to focus on the mistakes and correct them before the next test. This became a regular exercise and slowly my mistakes are reducing and my confidence is improving. I am very happy today because it is the fifteenth test and I have a perfect score.

However, there is no stopping here. All that I realize is that I did not lose hope and kept doing my best. My persistence was the reason for my success. Speaking German in everyday life is also a test where I keep making mistakes. I shall keep observing and correcting them. I believe that one day “Meine Hartnäckigkeit soll Erfolg bringen”.

Viel Spaß!

Ashish (@ashes.kk)