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How about starting a new German course in Berlin?

This is the window of my classroom. I am learning German every morning from Monday to Thursday. Sometimes, I want to skip the class but mostly I am looking forward to learning German with teacher and students together. They make me feel like I am not alone in Germany. If you are new in Germany, I suggest you learn German in the beginning!

Ich lerne von Montag bis Donnerstag in Deutsch Akademie!

Kaiser Wilhelm GedächtnisKirche

Very close to DeutschAkademie Berlin at Wittenbergplatz you can visit a famous building. Kaiser Wilhelm GedächtnisKirche is called Kaiser Wilhelm Church. It is broken but not rebuilt for historical reason.

Old Church:
The foundation-stone of the old church was laid on March 22nd, 1891. (Emperor Wilhelm I´s birthday) September 1st, 1895 (Sedan Day): opening of the old church. Architect: Schwechten. Damaged on December 23rd, 1943 and completely destroyed in  air-raids in April 1945.

New Church:
The foundation-stone of the new church was laid on May 9th, 1959 Topping-out ceremony: December 16th, 1960 Consecration of the bells: July 19th, 1961 Consecration of the new church: December 17th, 1961, by Bishop Otto Dibelius Architect: Prof. Dr. Egon Eiermann, Karlsruhe Completion of the Foyer and Chapel in December 1963. (ref.

You could go inside when it opens. How about visiting there and understanding the history of Germany?

Berlin Vegan Restaurant

I am so surprised that there are various vegan options in Berlin! It is like heaven for me.

Today, I want to introduce „1990 Vegan Living“ which is one of the most delicious vegan restaurant in Berlin. Here is served fusion vietnamese vegan food.

There are two kinds of dishes here, big and small. We are two so order two small bowls, one big bowl and one dessert. It is enough but I will definitely order more next time. I ate green curry, deep fried, wan tang soup and mango sticky rice. It is all delicious and I am totally satisfied these dishes! I hope you taste it :)

Let me introduce how to make this amazing toast!

Do you know what it is?

This is the hottest toast in Korea nowadays. I am in Berlin but it’s really easy to get to know about abroad’s news because of the internet. On SNS, many Korean eat this toast called „Jeonnamchin Toast“ which means toast made by ex-boyfriend. There is a story about this. After one couple broke up, ex-girlfriend kept thinking of the toast made by ex-boyfriend. Therefore, she texted him and asked what jam he used. He answered that was blueberry jam. That is the situation he could misunderstand that she cannot forget him yet. Few days later, she wondered what cream cheese brand was so texted him again. He let her know. She just wanted to know the delicious toast only! Aren’t you curious how delicious it is?

As the person eating this, it really is. I mean it.

The TV Tower – der Fernsehturm

Have you been to TV Tower in Berlin?

The TV Tower at Alexanderplatz is Berlin’s most prominent landmark and the tallest building in Germany. Its steel sphere contains a visitor platform and a revolving restaurant.

You could easily see the TV Tower because there are not many tall building but the TV Tower. It is outstaning!

If you want to learn German you can visit one of the new German courses in Berlin right next to the TV Tower every months.

The difficulty of German language

why do you learn German? Warum lernst du Deutsch?

To tell the truth, I didn’t want to learn German because I already knew the difficulty of German. However, I had to learn German for several reasons. So I was searching for the best German courses in Berlin. Now, I enjoy learning German and find out that it is true to learn German. Maybe the most difficult language!

Like there is the difficulty, there is also the joy of learning German as well. I could talk with German in German so it is more helpful to connect each other. I try to do my best to speak with my poor German. Almost every German who I met listen to me very well. I am happy to share with them.

I would like to know about your joy of learning German ;)