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Do you cook? Kochst du?

Do you like to cook?

I didn’t. I always ate out normally. However, I couldn’t do anymore because of several reasons. Among them, the cost of restaurant and health are the most important things for me. I decided to cook since then. In the beginning, I cooked only pasta which was the simplest but it’s hard to fail. Now, I am improving my cooking skills. How about you? Do you like to cook? Then, invite me :)

Bio Market in Berlin

Which market do you use for food?

There are various market places from normal inside market to outside farmer’s market. Today, I want to talk about BIO MARKET in Berlin. When I came to Berlin in the beginning, I was so surprise that bio products were so cheap compared to Korea! That made me go to Bio Company all the time. They sell fresh and healthy product. One of the favorite thing is that they are friendly with vegan! I am satisfied with market in Berlin :)

How about using bio market with healthy and fresh choice today?

The best German language school & Yoga in Berlin

Do you like yoga?

While I am taking my intensive course at the best German language school in Berlin I also could find yoga studio easily here because there are so many yoga studios in Berlin. I am a yoga lover. I traveled to India and Thailand to do yoga for several times. Last year, I got an international yoga teacher certification in India. The one of the reason I moved to Berlin is yoga for sure! I would like to hear from you about your favorite movement in Berlin.

Watermelon? Wassermelone!

Do you like watermelon? Magst du Wassermelone?

I definitely do! Summer is coming. No, it came. This week will be up to 38 degree so you have to prepare watermelon in your refrigerator. These days, fruits are so fresh and cheap in Berlin. That is heaven!

In Korea, I used to make cool fruit salad with watermelon. It’s really simple. I will let you know how to make it right away. Firstly, buy watermelon. Secondly, dig the inside watermelon not cut it all. Then, the last step is filling the soda or sparkling water into the watermelon! That is natural sweet and cool :) I hope you spend hot hot this week well.

Ich bin zu Markthalle Neun gegagen

Do you know about Markthalle Neun? If you don’t know yet, just go there and EAT!

There are fabulous food from all over the world. I heard Italian pasta was so delicious which is better than local Italian one (kind of exaggerated) I visited to check it out.

Yes, this is the pasta. I picked simple one, butter and cheese. It was delicious as I expected. I haven’t been to Italy to be honest :D

I tried usual food for me but the name was unusual. Suritto! It’s like Kimbap in Korea. I could choose among the two. I chose both. One was Shrimp and the other was Chicken. Both were nice. If you want to try Asian food or rice, it’d be a good choice.

Oh, I cannot skip the dessert! Gelato is my favorite. Especially, Hazelnut and Pistachio! As an expert of gelato, I recommend this gelato :)

How about Berlin Dom?

Where do you want to go in Berlin?

Four years ago, when I visited Berlin at first, I went up the Berlin Dom. It’s quite high without elevator (Because here is Germany!) but worth to be hard. When I was on the top, that’s literary awesome.

This year, I moved to Berlin and went again. This time, it’s not only awesome but also impressed because I am here in Berlin again! That makes my heart moved. Every single day, I am really happy to be here.