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Today’s post is about this city I hardly got the chance to know yet, but I’m exploring its tiny details day by day. When it comes to Berlin, a lot of things can come to one’s mind, mostly related to the II. World War and its consequences: The 1936 Olympic Games, the burning down of the Reichstag, the bombings, then the Wall of Berlin – and they are still parts of the city. In fact, this year is the 20th jubilee of the comedown of the Wall, with several exhibitions on the subject, and the Olympic Stadium is still a touristic spectacle.

What I didn’t know about the city, is.. well, almost everything else. The huge amount of people riding bicycles, the large parks attracting thousands of families and youngsters for a picnic or just a sun-bath, the wide and calm streets of the weekends and the milling crowds of different cultures rushing out every day when sun goes down to enjoy the nightlife.. the lovely habit of having breakfast on the street while enjoying the first beams of the sun, eating mostly bio vegetables and fruits of the early spring.. and I still have so much to discover!

What I can promise is that I’ll keep my camera always at hand, and try to capture the most interesting things with a foreigner’s eye. These pictures you can see at:

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