Our walking tour through Berlin City after the German course

On Friday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and did a little walking tour through downtown Berlin after the German course. This way, we could enjoy the sun, see the center of Berlin, learn German and make new friends. The tour started at Potsdamer Platz, lead through the Sony-Center and the memorial of the Holocaust towards the Brandenburg Gate and the build

ing of the Reichstag. Later we also went to see the Gendarmenmarkt and a few of us had a nice Döner Kebab at Kottbusser Tor, so that way we were able to see different sides of Berlin.

Here you find some information and a list of the most important vocabulary, that we learned on our trip. We hope you enjoyed the Cultural Program and are already looking forward to the next one :)!

Potsdamer Platz

The Center of Berlin was a waste land after the Second World War and the division of Germany. It was reconstructed after the reunification and now symbolizes the “New Berlin”.


Between 1933 and 1945 Berlin used to be the center of the Nazi terror. In order to remind people of the persecution and killing of Jews, in 2005 the Holocaust memorial was built.

Brandenburger Tor

220 years ago the Brandenburg Gate was built. It is the only still existing town gate of Berlin. Before, it used to be a symbol for the division of Germany in East and West; today it symbolizes the German Unity and is the city’s most important landmark.


The Reichstag building is hosting the German parliament again since 1999, after 50 years during which the parliament had its headquarters in Bonn. It had to be restored for 300 million euros first.

die Regierung, -engovernment
der Zweite WeltkriegSecond World War
die Erinnerung, -enmemory
das Bewusstseinconscience
das Denkmal, ä-ermonument
die Sehenswürdigkeit, -ensight
das Mahnmal, -ememorial
das Tor, -egate
der Platz, ä-eplace/square
die Ampel, -ntraffic light
das Stadtzentrumdowntown
das Wahrzeichen, “landmark
das Symbol, -esymbol

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