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Learning through playing

T. K.
Berlin, am 30. 9月 2014

German lesson B2.2


Hello blog readers,

We were having an mission impossible this morning again: how to divide 5 people into pairs? This was needed for a game similar to Tabu, where one of the players must describe a word and the other must guess. Since our topic is still health and all related to it (causes-and-effects, medicine etc), the words to be guessed were either illnesses or medications. I can’t objectively assess, how educative and effective this game is, but for warming us up, it’s fine. : -)

Suddenly, some more students arrived, so we got to move on into next role play, which was “A visit to doctor”. Our homework was to get familiar with the useful expressions and possible phrases in our workbook, that one might need while visiting a doctor. In a lesson,  we got 15 minutes to prepare a dialogue with partner. Spectator’s task, when listening and watching the others, was to pay attention to some frequent mistakes, inappropriate words or sentence structures that may occur. Not the most praiseworthy task I’ve done (hehehe), since it’s strange to criticize others, if I haven’t spoken myself yet. But in the end, all the stories were entertaining!

And if this post started to sound too playful, let me refer to grammar. : -) As always.
We were working on modale Zusammenhänge (excuse me, my English is too poor to translate it) and to be honest, it drove me, personally, a bit nuts. While doing my homework, I had to cheat a lot. Fortunately, we are not finished with it yet, so I hope to gain some clarity and certainty about this topic in coming lesson.

Have a nice week!




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