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【ベルリン市内の図書館を使いこなそう!】-Did you already get a library card in Berlin? Why not now?

Keiko Asai
Berlin, am 12. 10月 2016



If I pick up one benefit from living in Berlin, I would say, Library. Berlin has a really good library system and in the Mitte district where I live, we at least have 2 good libraries and I’m happy to introduce you both of them today.


まず一つ目はアメリカ記念図書館。(Amerika-Gedenkebibliothek)ここは地下鉄のU1ライン、Hallesches Tor駅の目の前なので交通の便がとてもいいです。また、ここでは大人一人、年間たった10ユーロの利用料で様々な図書資料が借り放題!特にお勧めしたいのがその豊富なDVD資料。私はドイツ語と英語標記のある映画を借りて、自宅でのんびり鑑賞しつつドイツ語学習に役立てています。

The one is the America Memorial Library, ( Amerika-Gedenkebibliothek)which is right across the street from the U-bahn station called, U1: Hallesches Tor. You pay only 10 euro for a yearly use and you’ll be able to barrow any materials. I really love to use this library for getting DVD, so that I can watch movie in German with English subtitles at home. It really helps me to get used to German sounds and pick up some useful expression from the movie.


 もう一つはベルリン国立図書館。(Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin)地下鉄U2ライン Potsdamer Platz 駅で降りて、歩いて五分ほど。ここでは庶民的な一般図書やDVDを借りると言う点ではあまり親しみ易くはないかもしれませんが、その静かさ、勉強のし易さ、落ちつく環境はピカイチです。年間使用料も大人一人30ユーロと高くはなりますが、毎日カフェに通って勉強するよりも遥かにお勧めしたい場所です。

The other is the Berlin Senate Library, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlinand it’s only 5 min away from nearby U-bahn station called, U2 : Potsdamer Platz. This one is more for those who want to relax and study in quiet atmosphere. I go there often after school for homework or further study. Compared to the other library, here is easy to find a table for study and we can concentrate more. The cost of fee is 30euro for a year, but compared to going to a café everyday, I’d prefer to choose this library.


If you live in Berlin, why don’t you make use of it? Using two libraries helps me a lots to have better materials and surrounding for my study. I recommend you to get your library card today!



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