All is Well that Ends Well…

Whether good or bad, every experience has an end to it. So as I pen down my thoughts today, there are a few things that I need to mention.

To start off, the last day of my Intensive Deutsch course!!! We did not learn much on this day as all of us had plans to socialize. After summarizing the key grammatical concepts from the lectures, we wanted to head for a bar whereby we could grab a corner and exchange thoughts on topics that we had never discussed during our regular classes. Being a Thursday evening, not many of us had the time to travel far off as most of us had to go to work next morning. Hence, we wanted to search for a bar at Wittenberg Platz itself. After having spent some time over unsuccessful attempts, we ended up landing at an Italian diner as this was the only place in the locality that could offer us a table sufficiently large enough to accommodate 7 of us (Actually there were 10 of us in class but 3 chose to head home for an early dinner).Our facilitator Samantha was also accompanying us and thus we were feeling quite secured as she could always sort out the language incompatibilities, in case of any.

Having taken a corner in the restaurant, the waiter approached and offered us the menu cards. The cards were in German and he proposed to get us English versions of the same. None of us objected as we all like to be in our comfort zones and not having the need to struggle over a menu card is surely comfortable. In the meanwhile, most of us chose to flip through some of the pages to have a glance of what was on offer. To our surprise, we could understand all that was in it. 99% of the dishes with their descriptions along with their availability and special offer specifications!!! Wow, we never realized that our level of Deutsch had improved so drastically.

Instantly all of us thanked Samantha for her hard work and her perseverance that had helped us gain so tremendously from the course. Post this we spent some good number of hours sharing personal experiences which only strengthened our bonds of friendship that had developed over the past four weeks.

Nextly, as I write my last blog for Deutsch Akademie, I would like to thank the administration for having given me the opportunity to write and share my thoughts. This platform has been really helpful in sharing thoughts and views and also exchanging information.

Last, but not the least, I would like to thank all the readers for spending their precious time on my expression of thoughts. Hopefully you have all had a good read…Last Day (6)Last Day (5)Last Day (4)Last Day (3)Last Day (1)