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And another course conquered!

Berlin, am 20. 十二月 2017

Only 2 more days left before I complete A1.2. It’s been a steep learning curve. We’ve learnt a lot and there’s still a lot more to learn. Just today I enrolled myself into the A2.1 January course.  I’m looking forward to going back to 4 days of classes a week, December has been very intense with 5 days of classes each week. This time I’ll be in D.A.’s second location in Alexander Platz, on Panorama Strasse. I’ve been told that there’s a beautiful view of the tower from that location. I’ll keep you posted as hopefully I’ll continue blogging 🙂 I’ll compare the view with what I currently see from class (see below).  In th meantime, I’ll be capturing my Berlin experiences on my own blog too, because who doesn’t have a blog?

I’m a little sad to again say good bye to my classmates. Most of the students in my A1.1 continued together into A1.2, but I skipped a month because of holidays, so I started A1.2 with new faces. Now, because I enrolled for A2.1 a little late, I’ll be in a different class to my current classmates, their class in full! So the next course will be with all new people, and a new teacher, again. The positive is that with every new teacher I’ve started to understand what teaching style works for me, and with new classmates there are more opportunities to make friends.

Bring on A2.1!!


It was snowing!

Berlin, am

It was snowing yesterday morning, very heavily, but because the snow melted straightaway the clouds decided to dump their snow somewhere else. This is what I imagine, because the weather changed so fast yesterday morning. I really hope we have a white Christmas, how magical would that be?

If you squint at the picture below you’ll see small white streaks, that’s the snow falling down really fast.

Berlin in winter looks dull, grey and dreary. Don’t be put off, because the cheer has just been relocated inside. As soon as you step inside a shop, cafe, school, etc, you’ll find all the brightness, colour and warmth that’s missing outside.


Harry Potter in Berlin!!

Berlin, am 19. 十二月 2017

I saw the below poster today and immediate got excited! Harry Potter with a live concert! Well I hope that’s what it says. I wonder if the movie will be dubbed in Deutsch, I wouldn’t mind if it was in English eh. Regardless, it will be an amazing experience to hear the movie music live!! We all need to go!

Perhaps by August 2018 my Deutsch will have improved so much so that I can view Harry Potter in Deutsch and not try to remember the dialog in English 🙂

Imagine if the below Ad is saying something completely different, I better jump onto my two favourite apps – Leo and google translate.



Berlin, am

Have you visited one of Berlin’s most icon self-service machines – the Photoautomat? They are really old and really cheap! There’s usually one in every suburb and they are constantly in use, especially in the evenings and on weekends. Basically you get 4 black and white photos in a strip, nothing that exciting but Berliners love them. Usually, you’ll see under the blue curtain a few pairs of arms and legs, there’s always a cheery bunch taking group photos. Even I’ve used one and it turned out to be really fun!! The photos make for good mementos and souvenirs.

I’m looking forwards to my next photo shoot in the Photoautomat.


Ich kann lesen!

Berlin, am

Walking past advertising is no longer about pretty pictures, without realising I’m starting to read and understand a little of what is said in them.  Finally I feel like I am starting to use all the Deutsch I’ve been learning in  A1.1 and A1.2. The latest advertisement I’ve read is from Foodora, ok I didn’t get what “Nichts” was at first but our teacher cleared that up – “Nothing is better”.

The line at the bottom of the advertisement says “Order food that you love.” I’ll be clarifying tomorrow if “Bestelle Essen” is an imperative (we learnt about this today) and why there is a comma after the “Essen”.


Egg Punch?

Berlin, am

In the theme of Christmas markets, have you been to Gendarmenmarkt’s Weihnachtsmarkt yet? I think it’s so beautiful. I’m sure I’ve already talked about this market in my previous post, and this post will make it a total of 3 Christmas market posts that I’ve written. I’m a little obsessed with Christmas markets eh!

Well at Gendarmenmarkt I was told that there was a eggnog like drink that I should try. I’ve never had eggnog so I was keen. So we rocked up to a Gluhwein stall and asked for a “Eierpunsch”. Gosh it looked so pretty, see the picture below, the whipped creme on top looked so inviting. Well to my ignorant taste buds it didn’t taste as good as it looked. I was very disappointed. My partner said the version in Italy is much sweeter, so I’ll make a comparison when I get the chance to try it there. I wonder what eggnog is suppose to taste like…hmmm?

Have you tried Eierpunsch yet?


Fotos vom Kulturprogramm im Dezember

Berlin, am
Liebe Teilnehmer,
es war ein sehr schöner Abend mit euch auf dem nostalgischen Weihnachtsmarkt am Opernpalais. Mit Glühwein und vielen Leckereien konnten wir uns final auf das Weihnachtsfest einstellen.
In diesem Sinne wünschen wir euch allen eine besinnliche und erholsame Weihnachtszeit.
Euer DeutschAkademie Team
#DeutschAkademie #Berlin #Kulturprogramm #DeutschLernen #MitSpaßzumErfolg #Weihnachtsmarkt

My favourite Christmas Market, again

Berlin, am

I can’t get enough of the Christmas market in the Kulturebrauerei. I’ve been there at least 3 times and this week I plan to go again. Last time I  discovered the best white Gluhwein, look for the stall  with a little house on it’s roof, they  only sell white Gluhwein. I distracted myself enough from the Gluhwein  to take some pictures. I love Christmas time here in Berlin, die Weihnachtsmärkte sind die Besten! (hope my Deutsch is correct, I’m trying!). Ok so I also haven’t been to the Christmas markets in other cities, so this is a naive viewpoint.




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