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Vierte: Insekt Snacks?

Berlin, am 08. 四月 2017

Hallo zusammen!

So now that it is officially Spring and starting to warm up, some new events around the city are starting to come about! In this Blog entry, I’m going to be telling you all about the Potsdam Street Food Festival! So, I’m pretty sure almost all of you know where Potsdam is, but for those of you who don’t, it is right outside of Berlin. It is in the state of Brandenburg (technically also the capital), so if you would like to take a trip down there sometime (which I highly recommend because there is sooo much to do there) then you have to buy a C zone ticket for the S-Bahn!

Im Lustgarten!

So, this Street Food Festival took place last month in Potsdam, and boy, was it somethin’! When I first got there, I had mistaken the bathroom line for the entry way line, thinking to myself, “Hmm, this is not too long!” But nope, lo and behold, the line was so long it went around the block! But luckily I didn’t have to stay waiting for long, as the people payed (3 euros for one day and 6 for the whole weekend) and entered fairly fast. Once I went inside, it was like a new magical land filled with every type of street food you can imagine. There were stands with every street food imaginable, from regular German to American food to Italian food to even insects! (there were loads of veggie options as well which was miraculous for me considering I don’t eat animal products lol) What?! Yes, insects! There was one stand where a man was cooking up insects of various types, such as grasshoppers and mealworms, along with some nice herbs and spices into a tasty and crunchy snack (or so I’ve heard haha). I, unfortunately for my sense of adventure but fortunate for my “yuck factor”, did not have any but I got to see many people take that first crunchy bite of bug.

It was probably the best part of the food festival, besides the incredible food I ate of course. Now this year was the first Festival, but it had such incredible success that I believe it will be held again next year in 2018. I think there might even be a summer edition in September, but I am not sure. Unfortunately, you had to miss this years, but next year, I highly highly highly recommend going! Until then, bis bald!

-Milan 🙂


The Knoblauch sauce was incredible and dish was edible!!!! It tasted like a savory ice cream cone.




1. Stammtisch im April

Berlin, am 07. 四月 2017

Liebe Teilnehmer,
um uns auf Ostern einzustimmen, treffen wir uns am 13. April zu unserem Stammtisch im Cancún am Alexanderplatz.Los geht es wie immer ab 20 Uhr. Wir freuen uns auf einen schönen gemeinsamen Abend mit euch.

Euer DeutschAkademie Team



Dritte: Neben dem Fernsehturm

Berlin, am 05. 四月 2017

Hallo zusammen,

So, I know for many of you, this week is the first week of a new level of Deutsch Akademie. Most of you are doing the 4 Week intensive program, but there are also some of you who are doing the 8 Week program. Now for those of you who don’t really know about the 8 Week program, it is basically just a less intense version of the 4 Week. You still learn the same information over the same number of lessons, but it is spread out over a longer time so you don’t have to cram a lot of information into one month if you don’t want to. This program may be better for some of you if you have full time jobs, full time studying, or just don’t have it in you to go to D.A. (Deutsch Akademie) every day for four weeks.

I decided to try this method of learning out. For my first month of D.A., I took the regular 4 Week Kurs, but since I was going to have a busy schedule in March and April, I knew it would be best if I attempted the 8 Week Kurs. Currently, I am at about the halfway point, with today marking the end of the fifth week. Honestly it is not much different from what I experienced last month. I go every Montag and Mittwoch für drei Stunden. These hours are a lot less rigid as you have a day of break in between and then the whole weekend off. The classes are the same size, but are in a different location. Instead of Wittenbergplatz, these classes are in Alexanderplatz, and not the main building either. These classes are actually directly gegenüber vom Fernsehturm. Honestly coming to school every week is made even better by walking directly underneath this awe causing tower and into the building.

The incredible view as I walk to class!

In my class I have 11 people, including myself, and just like last month’s Kurs, these people are from all over! I have an acquaintance from Egypt, from Romania, from Russia, from Venezuela, etc. It is very funny because I actually have a very very similar name to another person in my class (only one letter different) and we are constantly getting mixed up haha! We all took a little time to warm up to each other but now we are always laughing with unsere Lehrerin and working together! And speaking of unsere Lehrerin, she is absolutely great! I was worried, coming from my last class, that I wasn’t going to like meine neue Lehrerin as much as my old one, but boy was I wrong. My teacher is absolutely hilarious and super friendly. She is able to make even some boring parts of learning a language, such as learning a repetitive grammar rule, fun!

So that is my impression of this 8 Week Kurs. I love both options and I am glad D.A. gives you the ability to choose whatever is best for you. Neither one is better than the other, it just depends on preference! Next month, when my current course is over, I may go back to the 4 Week option of I may stay with the 8 Week one. We shall see! Until then, bis bald!

-Milan 🙂


Zweite: 90 Year Old Trains?

Berlin, am 04. 四月 2017

Hallo zusammen!

Wow ! Hallo!
For me, it feels like it has been ages since I last wrote to you all, and that’s partially because, well in Deutsch Akademie time (where a whole language level only takes one month), it sort of has ! I do apologize for the inconsistency of Blog posts, as I’ve just been trying out a new way of posting! You see, last time I wrote a for Deutsch Akademie, I would have to think of new content every day, which then made it a bit more difficult to get the right pictures that went along with whatever post I had created that day. Instead,
this time, I am trying out a new method in which I create all the content beforehand, and then I can easily post it every other day! I know it is probably not a big deal to you all, but I thought I owed you an explanation haha
SO, today I had actually planned to talk about my experience with the 8 week Deutsch Akademie Kurs instead of the 4 week, but something came up and I decided that prompt can wait 
until tomorrow!
Today I decided to write about the S-Bahn/U-Bahn! You see, Today as I was on my way to Deutsch Akademie, taking the same route as always mind you, a big problem arose with the S-bahn lines. Apparently there was some Feuerwehr action going on, which was stopping the main trains I use! Because of this, I had to take four-yes, four!- different trains instead of one to get to my location, which ultimately resulted in me being then late to said class. Wow, can I just say, es war total blöd. Honestly, the only thing that saved me was the handy dandy S/U Bahn map I have downloaded onto my phone. Now this isn’t the last time this will be happening and I’m sure some of you have experienced this before. For those of you that have never experienced this, you’re lucky haha ! The S-Bahn system has been in existence for some 90 years now (started in 1924!) so there’s bound to be some complications every now and then. Because of this, and many other things, I just thought I’d give you a few tips and tricks to getting around with the S/U Bahn. 🙂

  • Always take a form of entertainment or distraction on board with you. This could be in the form of an App, eine Zeitung, you earphones for music, or even ein Buch. This is sehr wichtig as you don’t want to be caught in the middle of  long U-Bahn commute in a crowded Zug with the only form of entertainment being trying to avoid awkward eye contact with other commuters. Do yourself a favour and bring something with. P.S. if you have a long ride to and from D.A (Deutsch Akademie) you can even bring your homework ;-).
  • Download the VBB App! It provides times, maps, ticket information (as well as the ability to buy one on the app), complications with the city transportation, how long it takes between each stop, and much more! Trust me! If you use the bus, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, or all three, download this now!

    My handy dandy map! It is very worn from being used so much and even has a rip in it!

  • Have a copy of the VBB map with you at all times! I cannot stress this enough! This is very useful. You can either get a hard copy on a bus or more easily, you can download the map for free onto your phone. The map can also be pulled up on the VBB App.
  • Try to memorize the time that the U/S-Bahn nearest to where you live, leaves. This can come in handy at any time!
  • If you are trying to figure out how long your S/U-Bahn journey will take you, multiply the number of stops you have left times three. That will give you a great approximate guess!
  • Always always always have a ticket! I know this speaks for itself but I cannot tell you how many times I have talked to people who have gotten fined for not having a ticket. The fine is up to 60 times the cost of a ticket (which is around 2 Euros for one 90 minute ticket), so do yourself the favour and get a ticket! Oh, and validate it too! If you’re not staying in Berlin longer than a year, the best deal is the Monatskarte! They also have a Tageskarte if you just plan on using the trains a couple times in one day.
  • If with friends or on the phone, try not to be too loud. Especially in the morning or at night. Most of the people on the train are tired and do not want extra noise. I’ve even seen a group of friends get yelled at by an indignant man haha! Be kind to others on the train by being courteous.

If you have any other tips for this list, please comment and send them forward. We could use all the tips we can get. Have a good U/S-Bahn trip! Until then, bis bald!




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