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My advice of the day – Cards!

Berlin, am 05. 七月 2014

People tend to tag you with language skills when you say you love to learn languages. It’s an honor, really. Yet, it is all about hard work (for me, at least), and this hard work includes cards, cards, cards.

When I was a little kid, my mother used to tell me that I can’t sit for a long time and concentrate and I have to write everything down in order to remember. She was right. I have to write every word I hear, many times, and say it many times, in order to remember it. Through the years I developed my own methods to remember more and more things, but the most useful method is still cards. I write different things in different colors and memorize it when I’m on the bus, or a train, ignoring the other people around me.

I have cards with vocabulary, cards with grammar rules, cards with prepositions and cards with verbs. You should try it too – it is most useful 🙂




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