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New to Berlin?

Benjamin Haughton
Berlin, am 06. 2月 2014


Just arrived in Berlin to begin your German adventure? Your first task is to head for the city’s must-see attractions where unrivaled history, culture and entertainment await.

Top of your list will be the big landmarks: Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag are essential to understanding not just Berlin’s history but that of all Europe. Meanwhile at the other end of the city centre sits Museumsinsel, which is home to Berlin’s top museums (including the wonderful Pergamonmuseum).

‘Where can I see the wall’ is a question your blogger hears visitors asking all the time and the answer is that there is no one ‘best’ place. Sections remain at ultra-modern Potsdammer Platz and at nearby Niederkirchner Straße, but perhaps the most interesting site is the East Side Gallery, featuring the longest stretch of the wall that survives today.

Alexanderplatz and the iconic Fernsehturm should also be on your list: the square was an important exhibition of East German progress and optimism when it took its current form in the 1960s.

From Alex’ you can pick up the number 100 bus which for an ordinary fare takes you to the essential visitor sights: Museumsinsel, the Berliner Dom, Unter den Linden, Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag and former west-Berlin city centre Kurfürstendamm.

And if you get hungry during your sightseeing, stop for a quick Currywurst, Falafel or Döner. You won’t find better anywhere else!



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