What is your reason?

First of all, let me introduce you two important girls from DeutschAkademie/ Alexanderplatz:  Hella, my teacher aaaaand a girl from reception who’s name I unfortunatelly don’t know but I ensure you, she’s really nice too 🙂  They must have many interesting things to say about language school and what is going on around. Everyday they meet poeple who moved to Berlin because of… something. From my experience most of them are learning german cause they want to find a job here, or they already have it but still ‚ja‘, ’nein‘ and ‚danke‘ is not enough to cammunicate with the world around.  I guess there can be other motivations like love affairs, school demands, parents‘ aspiration or simply I_have_nothing_better_to_do_with_my_life.  Who cares, learning new language is always a cool thing.