Want to See WANNSEE

It is commonly said…”Make hay while the sun shines”!!!After a long and cold winter, when the sun chose to show us its face, I along with some of my friends wanted to explore the outskirts of Berlin. Having heard good things about it, we were really excited to travel to as many places as possible. Hence on one weekend, we started early in the morning and set out towards the city of Potsdam.

A few stations prior to our destination was a place called Wannsee…The name appealed to us so much that we planned to get down and check a few places around. Anyways nothing was conflicting with our goal of aimless wandering. As we set out to observe the shiny crystals of snow, we came across scenic beauty which we had not thought of.

Pure white snow covered the ground completely as we made our way through the canopy towards the nearest water body (lake or river, we could not figure out). The calm and serene environment was making the whole setting an enchanting spectacle.

We were so lost in the beauty of the surroundings that we eventually forgot to make our way to Potsdam. May be next time it would be Potsdam, is what we thought. I am sharing some pictures here for all of you to take a look at. Certainly in my opinion, countryside surpasses the city on many parameters.

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