Sunday afternoon

Unquestionable advantage of intensive language courses is that on the weekend you get this feeling that you totally deserve to rest. Of course there’s nothing wrong with taking you notebook to the cafe and looking at new vocabulary from time to time, but still, it only you’re choice. You’ve been learning so much whole week, right? I’m lucky to live in the area that offers any kind of place for relax  I could wish for. Just few steps from my flat is a great street, Bergmannstraße. Maybe now in January it does not presents very well (who does?), but trust me, on the every other time of the year it is full of people, inside and outside pubs, restaurants and cafes. In the middle you will find great indoor market with fresh meet and vegetables, and on some days of the week there is also a typical german Flohmarkt (flea market), heaven for those who never get tired of shopping. Bergmannstraße It’s my first choice on lazy Sunday afternoons when I finally has nothing better to do than read a book and eat spicy coconut milk soup in my favourite vietnamese restaurant.