First week is over

It was a good week. I didn’t have too much time for myself  (I was back home very late every day) so my fridge is empty and dirty cloths are running out from the basket, but that was not the point. It’s totally worth it, now, when priority is to finally learn german.

Thinking about the course itself, I like the way lessons are organized. Hella (the teacher) is always well prepared, there are no moments of embarrassing silence when the teacher doesn’t know what to do next. And I love the way she explains words, she  gives many examples of real life situation when you can use this particular word and she does it with incredible enthusiasm. Another good thing is the variety of tasks. Three hours is a long time, but because it’s full of many activities like standing up, changing places, making conversation with different partners, listening, writing, reading loud – I don’t feel so tired. The only thing I would change is the time it starts. 15 minutes later would be so more convinient! I guess not only for me… Nevertheless, I think I will sign up for the next month. I just need to find more shops open till midnight.