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The online course and more recommendations!

Berlin, am 30. June 2014

Today I found the time to practice a little with the free online course of DeutschAkademie, and I highly recommend it. You can practice according to your level or the textbook that you are using. You can also practice grammar topics, start an audio course of your own and there are even free apps for your iPhone or Android. Since I have a lot of “U-Bahn time,” I have a lot of German language apps, so I immediately downloaded DA’s, and played with it for a while. I strongly recommend that one as well. There is nothing like use the U-Bahn time for studying grammar, W-Fragen, verben and vocabulary. However, I realized that my A1.1 vocabulary is not enough, and I need to expend my vocabulary even more. So I bought trivia cards on two topics – History and Politics. And now I share my U-Bahn time between grammar, A1.1 vocabulary, and German and international politics history – all in mobile and cards. Highly recommended 🙂




Recommendation for this weekend!!

Berlin, am 27. June 2014

Berlin is most known for its festivals, and the city always has something going on, I know. But today I went with some friends to the Jazz Festival on Bergmannstraße in Kreuzberg. Only two days are left to this festival, and the title is somehow misleading… There are five stages of live shows (that I managed to watch) – they have Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B and Soul, Swing, and even Oriental Jazz – you just can’t stop yourself from dancing and moving… and of course you can find the usual stuff like food and beer stands, clothing etc. Lots of people, but not too crowded, as well as great atmosphere… Don’t miss it!! And have a great weekend!!



Five Commandments for the potential flat mate

Berlin, am 26. June 2014

My beloved flat mate, Leah, has finished her internship in Berlin and unfortunately is moving back to France in a week. Therefore, the landlord published an ad and asked us to interview a few people he talked to on the phone. We were more than happy to assist him, yet we did not have a clue what we are facing… after four meetings, and since I do have myself some experience with exploring for WG-apartment, I give you the 5 Commandments of don’ts when going to an interview for a new WG:

  1. Don’t show up too early. If you have nothing to do before the scheduled interview – have a coffee/ sit on a bench/ talk to a friend on the phone/ read a book – the person who is supposed to interview you might not be at home/ might be in the shower/ might be in the middle of sex. And if you really have to – please call to make sure that the person is home or available!
  2. Don’t be late. No one cares that it is French or Mexican mentality to be late. This is Germany, and if you’re not on time, you’re off the list.
  3. Don’t take off your shoes without an invitation. Right, this is Germany, but no one wants to smell your feet without knowing you first.
  4. Don’t smoke before the interview. Even if the WG smoke, you want to open your mouth without smell like an ashtray. After showing you around, the next stage might be to smoke together 🙂
  5. Don’t dress like you just got back from a year trip in the caves of India. Most of the WG are looking for a responsible person. Dirt and druggy look in the eyes don’t give the right impression.

The most important thing is – smile and try to make an effort. Show the other WG you want the room, you are responsible and a nice person. The rest is really up to them. Viel Glück!







Introducing Marta!!

Berlin, am 25. June 2014

So today I want to introduce you a friend of mine, Marta. Marta came to Berlin with her husband, Micha, from Barcelona in lovely Spain, not long ago because Micha got a job in Berlin. In Spain, Marta worked as a Business Information Analyst, and now they are building their life here. She knows Spanish, Catalan, Basque, English and some German. She is the best student in our course, smiles all the time, and always has stories to tell about life and people in Spain, and around the world. Today, besides studying German, she’s looking for a job as a BI Analyst or any other position in the telecommunication field. So if you hear of anything, just drop me a line, and I’ll pass her the word 😉

I hope to see you all tonight at the Mommseneck , Potsdamer Platz!






Berlin, am 24. June 2014

You study the vocabulary the teacher gives you in class (and some more), you do your Hausefgaben, go to class every day, collect more and more vocabulary from every corner of the everyday life in Berlin… You think that you are doing pretty much fine, but you can always do better, right? Perfectionism is harsh 🙁

When I was in Israel, I studied German in University for a short while, and some time by myself. A few months ago, before I moved here, I delivered all my study materials to a friend who lives here. A few days ago the package arrived and today I went to pick it up. I think that it was just today I understood how many study materials I have right now. And I think I’m overload. Please, someone, stop the train… I need to get off!!




Sit at home and study? not me!!

Berlin, am 23. June 2014

I’m a person who can’t sit at home and study – it’s too quiet for me. I need the noise around me, the people walking around and doing their own stuff… I need to feel like I’m part of the city flow. Then I concentrate best and disconnect from all the noise. Some might call it a “problem.” I preferred to attach it with my coffee addiction and created a simple solution, as my main study environment is Starbucks in Friedrichstraße. You can buy coffee (one might argue for the taste and price of the coffee…), and sit there for hours. However, not all Starbucks’ branches can provide you with tables. They all have WIFI though.

More recommended places for study, based on my experience: Starbucks Hackescher Markt (great for groups too), Starbucks Sony Center- near Potsdamer Platz (the coffee is expensive than the other branches, but the study area is worth it), and, of course, the St. Oberholz in Rosenthaler Platz. There are other places you can sit in for hours, but the free WIFI is the key point, since you may need it for online dictionary, verb website checking etc.

I would be happy to hear recommendations for more places, if you have – just bring it on 🙂


Recommendation of the week!!

Berlin, am 17. June 2014

4-0. This is the most important news for today. Who cares about school when Germany scored 4-0 and Ronaldo lost? The match was amazing to watch, the bar was full of people shouting at the big screen, and with every goal Germany scored all the people in the bar got a free Whiskey shot… and at the end of the night we left the bar… well… happy 🙂

The most common question this morning at Deutschakademie was “where were you last night to watch the match?” So here is my recommendation of the week – a great bar, called “The Castle Pub” in Wedding. I was introduced to this bar with the basketball Euroleague Finale a while ago and fell in love with the place. This is a cool place, with great music (live shows as well), great atmosphere, amazing food (my favorite is the pancakes- oh, my god- you have to try the pancakes!!), and too many types of alcohol. Don’t leave Berlin without going there!!

The Castle Pub, Hochstraße 2 13357 Wedding, Berlin



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