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Homework pays off

T. K.
Berlin, am 21. September 2014

Good evening,

Here I am again – working on my homework late Sunday evening. Or rather like finishing the very last exercise. Our task is to write a motivation letter to university and apply for a semester and/or for the whole program. This is kind of time-consuming task, not any 5-minutes „fill the gaps“ exercise. To be honest, when I want to write particularly well, it takes about an hour for me to compose such a paper in German. On the other hand, this work pays off one day – I will get my writing checked, revised and corrected by teacher and can be sure, that if I need a document like this one day in real life, I can use my own work done. In this way, during my previous German courses, I have already written my curriculum vitae, motivation letter to apply for the job, petition (for a company for instance), standard letter etc in German. Now I have them all ready and corrected in my drawer to use for the future :o)

Writing motivation letter

What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle!

All the best,


Homework – fun and suffering hand in hand

T. K.
Berlin, am 18. September 2014


I must say I’m glad it’s Thursday today. Even though we got homework after a lesson today, I am not forced to do it *exactly* tonight. I can take my time and divide the exercises for weekend-days. There is homework given in DeutschAkademie every day and the tasks must be finished (and you should be ready to review your answers with other in classroom) the next day. Exercises usually include grammar tasks or composing a piece of writing. On one hand, even though I enjoy learning German very much, I have to say that my „spirit“ is getting a bit tired since I stepped on „DeutshAkademie wheel“ at the beginning of September. While trying to match and divide the time between my main job and studies, I feel supertired in the evenings when I open my book and start to rehearse, what we learned today, on my own once again. On the other hand, this is an important part of learning process indeed, because refreshing and working on your own once again (even if it’s just a short time!) is essential besides the time you spend being present at school.
Trust me, I’m a part-time Au-pair, hehe.




Our teacher asked to write her little feedback postcards yesterday. She was interested in our opinions about the lessons so far: what has been good/bad, how do we feel about our own development and what do we wish ourselves for the future classes. Since I write with a pleasure, it was easy to give such a feedback. I like writing in general and I know I can write in German better than to speak in German. Odd, isn’t it? :~) However, Deutschakademie lessons have definitely helped to improve my speaking skills (speaking speed, vocabulary, grammar etc).
Just to sum up this section, I can share a link for English-German dictionary in Internet, that I use: . There might be too much advertisements around, but I still like it, because the system translates into German with articles and plural forms, yay! If someone happens to know a good German synonym dictionary, you can let me know in comments!

Nice weekend for all the students!


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