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Homework pays off

Tuuli Kaeramaa
Berlin, am 21. September 2014

Good evening,

Here I am again – working on my homework late Sunday evening. Or rather like finishing the very last exercise. Our task is to write a motivation letter to university and apply for a semester and/or for the whole program. This is kind of time-consuming task, not any 5-minutes “fill the gaps” exercise. To be honest, when I want to write particularly well, it takes about an hour for me to compose such a paper in German. On the other hand, this work pays off one day – I will get my writing checked, revised and corrected by teacher and can be sure, that if I need a document like this one day in real life, I can use my own work done. In this way, during my previous German courses, I have already written my curriculum vitae, motivation letter to apply for the job, petition (for a company for instance), standard letter etc in German. Now I have them all ready and corrected in my drawer to use for the future :o)

Writing motivation letter

What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle!

All the best,


Bin ich Ost oder West?

Benjamin Haughton
Berlin, am 11. Januar 2014
Eine Straßenlaterne in Friedrichshain
Seid ihr jemals durch Berlin gelaufen, und dachtet „Bin ich in dem alten Osten oder Westen”?  Oft gibt es ein paar Anzeichen dafür: zum Beispiel die Straßenlaternen.
In den westlichen Stadtteilen sieht man Laternen, die in ganz Europa gibt. Interessanterweise, kann man  – besonders in Charlottenburg – auch einige Laternen sehen, die noch mit Gas betrieben werden.
In den östlichen Stadtteilen sieht man aber oft etwas anderes. Die Laternen sind rundlich, wie eine fliegende Untertasse (oben dargestellt). Diese Laternen, die meistens in Wohnstraßen stehen, kann man in der ganzen ehemaligen DDR finden.
Natürlich sollte man heute Berlin als ein einzige Stadt betrachten, aber es ist immer interessant zu wissen, wo man gerade ist.


Berlin’s lingua franca

Benjamin Haughton
Berlin, am 07. Januar 2014
East Side Gallery flags
Walk into a cafe, say, in the Rosenthaler Platz area of Berlin and chances are you will find a room of people speaking not German, but English. These English speakers aren’t just Americans or Britons, however: they’re Italians, Germans, Japanese, and Portuguese. For many living and working in Berlin’s central Mitte district, it seems English has become the only language worth knowing.
As an Englishman, maybe I should be proud that my language has become the lingua franca not just in Berlin but across the world. Yet it is sad to see people outside the Anglosphere shunning official languages for the convenience of English. In Berlin’s case, it’s the youngsters working in the technology and media industries who seem to see German as unnecessary now that English is spoken so widely.
English certainly isn’t going away: the fact that I can write this blog in English and know that most readers will understand shows this. Still, I think we could do a better job of promoting German as a language worth learning. So, Germans and fellow German-learners: I call upon you to have more pride in your language. Speak it, enjoy it, and encourage others to do the same. Mr Shakespeare, meet Goethe…


Stammtisch der DeutschAkademie im Paydos am 12.06.2013 / DeutschAkademie – Get Together at Paydos, June 12 th

Berlin, am 14. Juni 2013

Hallo Ihr Lieben, unser letzter Stammtisch der DeutschAkademie Berlin fand im Paydos am Wittenbergplatz statt. Die Fotos des lustigen Abends findet ihr hier:

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