Coffee Klatch: German Class Edition

During every class, there is a brief break with some free time. During one of those breaks, it was suggested that it might be nice to go for coffee after class one day. Without hesitation, I agreed, as I had always been curious about my classmates. Although we spend 3 hours per day together, all of that time is spent focused on learning German. Now we would have an opportunity to get to know each other outside of the classroom.

Finally, the day came where we were to go together. As soon as we sat down, each person recapped their country of origin; Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Morocco and Syria were all represented. Although we were from different cultures and backgrounds, several themes emerged. We all loved to travel, and many of us had plans for the upcoming Easter holiday. Additionally, each of us had our favorite new German foods or drinks to recommend. As everyone spoke in turn, it became clear that we were having a lot of fun learning about this new city and country.

Before we knew it, 2 hours had passed, and the group dispersed with promises to get together again. Lots of smiles and waves as we separated, with each of us knowing a bit more about these people we spend so many hours with each day. Hopefully we’ll get together again soon as I truly enjoyed our short time together.