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You know Uno?

Berlin, am 18. oktober 2017

So class is not just about sitting at your desk and remembering what you’ve been told, we’re often spilt into little groups to tackle exercises and practice what we’ve learnt. Well, as well as this, we play games! Ok I won’t lie, I wasn’t really a believer that these games would be fun but actually they are a really effective way of reinforcing what we’ve learn and of course fun too.

In the beginning it was tossing a ball around the class, we’d have to either answer a question or recite an noun+article. Then came UNO! I haven’t played UNO for years, let alone in German! Gosh, we had a lot of fun. I was really sceptical about the ”fun” factor, but as we got the hang of saying things in German and remembering the rules, we couldn’t stop playing. In a span of 20mins, we played 4 rounds. I plan to make my partner and friends play this in German, and perhaps the penalty for not keeping to German will be shots (shots, shots, shots, everyb… yeh you know the song) or maybe just picking up more card; because let’s face it games are more fun when the stakes are high.

I suspect there’s another game around the corner, as I see our teacher pull out a bag of dice and chess pieces from her bag whilst she is arranging what she needs for the lesson. Scepticism has been thrown out the window, I’m looking forward to more games!




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