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The game that’s spilt families!

Berlin, am 30. oktober 2017

It’s the last week of our A1.1 course, there’s only 2 more days left! Time has just flewn.

I won’t lie, Deutsch is a difficult language and every time I think I’ve got it understood we learn something new and I feel as lost as I did on my first day. Luckily our teacher devises activities and games to help us grasp new lessons. Today we learnt about Perfect Past tense, it was a tough lesson especially for a Monday. Hopefully after doing the homework I’ll start feeling more confident with it.

I just want to share with you a German game we played at the end of last week, we were suppose to use Deutsch small chat whilst playing the game, but we just got so engrossed in the game that it became about  winning and nothing else. This game is called Mensch ärgere dich nicht (don’t get angry). Gosh, at the beginning we were all nice and easy going, and then the tension started to build and everyone started focusing on not getting killed and winning. It was so much fun! If you get the chance, give it a go. Super fun and pretty much anyone, any age can play it. And yes, apparently this game has divided families, so check your competitive spirit.




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