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Don’t Forget Your Ticket..

Tal Mahlev
Berlin, am 02. november 2017

Hey there!

Good mornig. Well, maybe good morning sometimes is a matter of perspective isn’t it?

Well, this blog goes to those who are new to the city or maybe not so experienced with it. So, as I am new to the city, I didn’t make my transportation card yet, I have to buy ticket every time I want to use public transportation. There are many types of cards, some are for short ride, some are for longer rides but only for a few hours, one daily ticket.. the prices move between 1,7-30€ depends what is your need.

In case you decide to not to buy a ticket you are risking a 60€ fine! Of course it is also applies when you -forget- to buy a ticket… ahhh!!! And guess what? That’s what happened to me today:/

So if you have a ticket don’t forget it at home. And if you don’t have don’t forget to buy one. It doesn’t worth it 😉

And now I can only hope the rest of my day would be better 🙂 It is also the last day of my A1.1 level of Deutsch course in DeutchAkademie school!


I hope your morning looked better! Wish you a lovely day here in Berlin!




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